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Some Reflections (Tantra, Residing)

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Greetings all, just sharing some thoughts.


For the last few years, I've worked with various deities... too many to list.  Each day seemed like a new deity would pop into my mind, and I would merge or connect with them.  It seemed I would be "pulled" to them, like feeling a desire towards that particular deity or tradition.  It also felt like each deity was helping me clear a different part of "myself".


The last few weeks I've noticed a new trend.  Lately I've been feeling pulled to various topics, hobbies, music, movies... this is no different than it's always been in my life.  But I'm beginning to notice each thing I'm "pulled to" helps me clear new stuff.  Some examples... I've been very interested in the American Revolutionary War, and took a trip to explore some historical sites.  It felt like I was clearing a part of myself with the trip.  Felt lots of flows and emotions.  I also feel it happening with certain experiences in my life, like going to college or moving into a new place.  Even small things such as interactions with others, can sometimes provide a bigger energy than merging with a deity.


I've seen a few "new age" teachers say that it's good to follow your passion, what you enjoy in life.  Maybe this is why?  The tantric path is all about using your everyday life to clear yourself of issues and fears.  Noticing the energy underneath things like fears, passions or experiences, and using that energy to propel you forward.


I think for a while, and still now, I use connecting with deities as an escape or at least a relief from everyday events that are challenging.  Maybe I do that, until I am ready to truly be in the moment and reside.


Just some musings as we go.

Enjoy your weekend :)

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