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Sound and Noise

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When a bird sings I experience his song ... and as I register the sound inside my presence I also experience my presence itself, I experience me that is receiving the sound, from within.  The external manifestation triggers recognition of sound inside my presence, and I use this opportunity to taste my own presence itself, to sense my soul that is receiving the sound.  Then I reset gently with this taste of my own soul, and gently remain embodying my presence ... meaning that I enter my real body and step out of the material world. 

If you are deeply conditioned with the ancient belief that you do not exist as an individual being that is hidden within the human being ... then it is difficult to carry out such instructions properly.  Because always you are trying to kill yourself, so you can only carry out one part of this practice.

Buddha had this problem which was why he struggled so hard with the "demons of Mara" ... only at the end of his ordeal was he willing to consider that he might actually exist as an individual being and when he touched the Earth he accepted that he actually existed ... then he was able to complete the practice and accept his existence as a real being.


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Thank you for sharing @rideforever. I’m not too sure about buddha himself,  but I thought the video captured a beautiful experience of practice and how our mind can cause conflict. I found the “sound vs noise” idea a great way to explain how the mind likes to jump in. 

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