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My understanding of Bodhisattvas

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I have read in some Buddhist texts that Bodhisattvas postpone their realization inorder to help others.  This was a bit problematic for me to understand at that time.  Right now I feel that Bodhisattvas are those that have reached such levels of refinement that if they choose to, they could just revel in a blissful state and not have to come down and undertake actions at worldly levels.  But they seem to choose to come down from such high levels of refinement inorder just to help others.  Indeed they are noble, and their path is noble because they guide others to the light they discovered.

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On 7/26/2020 at 11:49 PM, S1va said:



I think this may be fantasy.  Where are they then, where are the people that they help ?  If they do help then it must be just a few.
People on the Earth are unloved, lost, bereft in a spiritual desert and their souls ache if they still feel anything.  They dream of being who descend from heaven and love everyone.  And as these people lie on their backs dying, they still dream of love carrying them off like a mother or father.

Unfortunately many spiritual seekers spend their time with these fantasies, they ache for love so much they cannot really practice.  They dream of one day being a Bodhisattva because they don't have the honesty to simply cry, to cry and cry and cry until the floor is wet.  To collapse, to totally give up ... give up holding on.  Give up being strong.  Give up waiting to be saved.  A painful process that requires a sort of inner crumbling.  And to see yourself honestly a small person on a small planet.

But it is from such falls, simple honesty, it is from giving up ... that one becomes ready to practice honestly.
Those that hold on to their lives will lose them, those that give them up for My sake's will gain them.

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