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Raw Buddhism of the Warrior

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5 hours ago, Trish said:

Does it ever happen that a tradition remains unchanged when adopted by another culture? 


True, it all evolves. I guess it just depends on ones view, whether said evolution is a good or bad thing. 

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5 hours ago, Trish said:

Does it ever happen that a tradition remains unchanged when adopted by another culture? 


From my close observation of several particular religious traditions during my life, I can see clearly that specific corruptions happen in all traditions almost immediately.  Often the most common things known about a tradition are already corrupt.  Certainly after the founder dies then the corruption accelerates, and after a few decades almost nothing is left.

This is quite unbelievable but I have witnessed it happen in real time with various religious movements.  Also as the corruption evolves which means that books and scriptures are re-written, students are replaced and newer ones of low character take control ... and the direction of the tradition is guided in more worldly directions pandering to current fashions ... as this happens there is a strong element of covering it all up.   Even after a few years if a student hears rumours of corruption ... it is quite difficult to check because so many are covering it up.


The Truth is not native in this world of men ... it is like an eagle that nests on a high mountain ... as soon as the eagle weakens it is not long before it dies and vanishes from this world. 

The nest is blown away in the wind soon after.

We can imagine many things about those "great beings"; many were not fully enlightened, others made compromises to survive and hid their teachings, many were simply killed; others hid themselves for fear of their lives. 

To become a being of light means that you have to make the magic happen inside you ... there is no teaching or tradition you can copy and paste into yourself, it doesn't work like that.  Light is a living thing, it cannot be copied, but it can be inspired.  A plant cannot grow by copying, because it must itself grow into its own tree.

As for Buddhism ... many of things that people think are axiomatic in Buddhism are obviously added hundreds of years after his death and do not correspond to his words ... this is quite easy to check; but few people check; but it is not hard to check.  For instead in the early scriptures he said that his place of repose was his soul.

Most teachers teach by transmission ... meaning that in the same way that sitting with wise people makes you wise, and with evil people corrupts ... if you sit with the illuminated then it illuminates you ... because you start to feel it inside.

The role of self-analysis and incremental cultivation ... is quite small, mainly awakening students happens by transmission plus encouragement plus some technique based on the transmission.

As well as the transmission of the higher states of illumination, a great deal of work must be done with the lower elements inside you, the darkness you carry, the ancient subconscious that has grown in the dark surrounded by this world ... these elements need a lot of work so that they can integrate with the higher consciousness ... if not you will always be a split being, with one part illuminated but the darkness dragged along behind it.  It is these subconscious elements that can be incrementally purified.


It is strange how people live, they don't seem to realise that they will die, and so don't make conscious deliberate progress in their lives.  They drift through and then perish.

This world will be made and remade, people come breathe and die ... eons like this.

You are most fortunate if you find the light here on the distant edge of the universe.


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