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TTC Chapter 19

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 Give up Sainthood, stop preaching. Let people follow the Dao, and it will be a hundred times better for everyone. 
If people are at one, there is no need for religion or morality? 
Give up ingenuity, don't look for profit and bandits and thieves will disappear. 
It is more important to follow the ways of Nature; to observe its order and workings, to see the simplicity, to realise one's true nature, to cast off selfishness and dispel desire. 
For here lies the way of Dao.


Any thoughts?

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Give up sainthood, renounce wisdom, And it will be a hundred times better for everyone.
Give up kindness, renounce morality, And men will rediscover filial piety and love.
Give up ingenuity, renounce profit, And bandits and thieves will disappear.

These three are outward forms alone; they are not sufficient in themselves.

It is more important To see the simplicity, To realize one's true nature,
To cast off selfishness And temper desire.



It makes me laugh to read the beginning of this, oh yes I think.  It's very appealing and comforting.

But .. how long will people live like this?  Has anyone ever lived like this?  Perhaps poor farmers who are so exhausted in the evening that they eat quietly and crawl into bet with their hands still in a claw grip from holding a sickle all day long.  Such people have no energy for the mind.



These three are outward forms alone; they are not sufficient in themselves.


This line is translated quite differently by different translators.  It is the key because it is the reason why the first three points are wrong, it is an explanation.  Being a spiritual explanation for our defects it cannot be translated correctly by anyone without realisation.  Hence the translators come up with many ideas most of which are based on their own lack of realisation.

One translation is :



If these three aren’t enough, just stay at the center of the circle and let all things take their course.


Anyway the energy of the source is pouring in the universe;.  Within ourselves that energy (unless you are an exhausted farmer) will flow up from the Dantien through the body until it is in the mind and psyche.  The represents the source exploring existence through the man.  The mind psyche is a recent addition to this creature called man.  It's a bit of a mess.  What about the arms and legs, they are older and seem to work okay.  It's only when the energy gets into the new bits in the body that disaster strikes and insincerity rules.  Up there in the head.

So we can withdraw our energy from up there, and return to the belly.  Some traditions truly do totally exhaust students with three sessions of yoga asana a day until people have no energy for the mind or psyche and are peaceful.  Such traditions claim great success.  Until the students go back out into the world and the mind psyche starts up again.  So it's not a real solution.

The real solution must be to fix the head ... because evolution has not got there yet, we must do the extra work. 

Look at it this way we don't have to fix our arms and legs, they work already.




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