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TTC Chapter 10

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On 1/5/2020 at 2:42 AM, Tom said:

Maybe we should start with this first part.


Carrying body and soul, can you become like a new born babe?

Ever supple and yielding, but with a firm grip on life.

Purifying the Primal Vision, can you be without stain?

Loving all things, can you rule without cleverness?


Any thought on this section?


10 hours ago, Tuesday said:

What do you mean by discriminating?

The human vehicle holds within its totality of creation the capacity to “return to the womb” and be born again. Supple and yielding with a firm grip on life, recognises the free flow potential where we open to receive through this ‘union’. The firm grip on life is ‘living fully’ as this potential not gripping and grasping the self contained from its true nature. Loving all things without cleverness, points to the ‘natural’ order from within, that  has no desire or need to love, but simply because one is aware and centred as it’s own love. It moves freely without need to be attaining anything. Love for no reason..

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