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Would you commit suicide for a crime from another life?

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I just heard it in Star Trek - DeepSpace9 S1E7.


The captain asks his Trill, (a heart sized symbiod creature that moves from host to host, about 300 years old at this point); friend, - Dax, who commited a crime in his previous life in the of a love affair.


"Are you willing to commit suicide for a crime commited in another life?"


- I wouldn't.


But why? Do you think it is morally appropiate to act upon actions from another life, even their correction requires a 'soft' punishement and not a serious one^ ?

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Chances are something like a crime committed in some past life, is manifesting in the present moment in one way or another.  :)

Or as Padmasambhava puts it, “If you want to know your past life, look at your present condition.”


Based on this view, living out your life would be the best way to “pay for it”. 



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The traumas of the past create ripples that flow into the present. Whether the past was a different life or not makes no difference. If some has committed a great wrong in a past life from which they have not recovered it will manifest in the present in some way, and that manifestation may drive one to suicide, but suicide is not an act of atonement. It is an attempt at escape, and from a past life perspective it will only magnify the disturbance in future lives.


Unfortunately, the only way to overcome trauma is to work through it consciously. There is no easy way out.

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