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Is the mind individual?

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Conversation with Jeff from another forum.




There is one shared or universal mind, with individual mind subset spaces and views. A reasonable analogy is one of a nesting doll structure of layers of perception. A god like being is higher in the nesting structure and can effect more of universal. A buddha sees through the nesting structure itself.


At the level of enlightenment beyond other normal restrictions, can anyone be sure that mental individuation somehow continues?


Some degree of mental individualization exists at all depths/levels of perception. The action of perception itself has some degree of obscuration as one believes that there is something to perceive.


And about the dharma (the raft that we abandon after crossing the river - see diamond sutra), I always felt that the multiple individual buddhas were aspects and natural ttransformations of my mind (one's mind)


Very well said. Also, there seems to be some general confusion as many are descibing the limitations of an Arahat. Individual karma can definitely be affected by others. Any being who has reached the "radiant" bhumi has a direct affect on other sentient beings. Additionally, the entire purpose of the Sambhogakaya is to share presence with others and help break down built up karma.



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