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Q & A for Jeff...

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As followup to another thread, a few members expressed interest in asking specific questions about my practices, or "what I do" when I energetically interact with others. This thread will be a response to those questions that people send to me by pm.


Additionally, since some seem to think I use too many quotes or explain things in the context of various traditions, I will attempt to only explain things in my own words and only based upon my own personal experience (no claims of "outside" authority to support my positions or explanations).


With that said, here we go...


Q1- When you "hug" someone what are you doing with them, ie energetically what is going on


Before I would ever hug, when I first interact with people, I will often ask if I can "stop by" or "check on them". When I stop by, I do not astrally visit or remotely send energy. It is more like that I deeply know that nothing separates me from the other person, and hence nothing does. It is more about what I am focusing on, kind of like if you focus on an individual part of your body (like a fingernail or toe). So it becomes kind of like sharing presence (or space) with the other person. When focused, I can directly know/perceive the person's relative clarity and structure/openness of the energy/light body.


A hug would be an extension of above, kind of like adding active connection or engagement. Like with any physical hug, it can be simply social or it can be deep and heartfelt. Kind of like if you are having a bad day, and someone gives you a loving hug, it can help you release or let go because someone cares. An energetic hug is like that, but since I am sort of in the same space, it is not just an outside contact thing, but more like hug that energetically can touch all levels of your being.


But, the depth and power of a hug is really more found in the acceptance (and how much of) of the hug. And more powerfully, if one hugs back. Consciously hugging back sort of helps expand it all and take it to a higher level.


So at the simplest level, it is kind of like energetically sharing caring and love, with the person possibly accepting it, and then later returning it in kind of shared space of oneness.


One final note... A hug can feel so good (or powerful), that it is possible to become attached to the hug and energy rush itself.



There have been multiple versions of this one...


Q2 - Who or what is the blonde and what is the purpose of the blonde?


When I am energetically working with someone (in a shared space) a balancing two way connection is established. It is kind of like there are two relative dimensions to the flows, both depth (in consciousness) and range or spectrum of polarity (classically called male/transmission and female/reception energy types). Depth in consciousness would be like increasingly higher chakras. So in spiritual progression, one both expands the range of spectrum at a relative depth and also goes deeper (or higher).


I have a fairly broad energy spectrum, and so when someone connects with me, they can end up connecting at multiple depths and aspects on the relative spectrum. With each depth and location on the spectrum the energy flow will have a different feel. Additionally, more astral like people may see things as the energy flow gets translated into something that makes sense for the local mind. People have stated that they have seen me as light blobs, Jesus, Krishna, both brown and blonde haired women, and even recently a big version of Jimmy Cricket.


With the ongoing connection, I can tell how the other person is energetically focusing on me, and even know what subconscious image may best fit with their current mind perspective. Additionally, when one integrates and realizes the conscious and subconscious views, the pickup in energy flow can be easily felt/noticed.


I personally do not project any image or actually see it myself, to me it is all just energy flow. But, as the imagery can just naturally arise in the person's mind, I have always been highly sensitive and sometimes told people in advance (with such 3rd eye viewing capable) that things like that are possible. Also, in the past, I often would ask people if the energy flow felt more male or female to them, as an attempt to help them more consciously notice what they are doing energetically with the connection.


Also, how people see me will often dramatically shift over time. In many cases, the image that they see may relate directly to the issues they are currently dealing with at the time.



Q3 - Is Christ the founder of this light teaching or lineage?


As stated in the OP, I am explaining things from my own perspective and experience, not explaining in the framework of any tradition.


But, fundamentally, I would say that the gift that Christ brought into the world laid the basis for many things like being able share space and connect at higher levels. And, I have the greatest love and regard for Jesus.


Q4 - Some people have said you send healing energy to them. You have sent me energy a number of times now, but it doesn't feel the same as other times people have done healing on me. You describe to me what is happening in my energy body, but I am usually not able to verify that via my own sensations.


I might be doubtful that this stuff is for real... except that I can readily see changes in my own behavior, how I feel overall, and even in changes in my ability to run energy in my own body, changes which do seem to verify what you say about what's happening in my energy body when you work with me.


So my questions are two: how do you describe or characterize the energy you send to people, and why can I often not feel it, even though later on I do see major changes in my own behavior that parallel what you described energetically?


Sharing presence (or space) is not the same thing as someone sending energy to another person. It is not "me" sending energy to "you" (dualistic) with the classical healer like energy connection. It is more like a being one with, or like I said in an earlier post, knowing that there is no separation, so that there is none. This "being" rather than "seeing" (two different people) is what some people like have called light (or light level). This being is not just a localized thing, but as clarity grows encompasses all.


The clearing and change that you describe is sort of the local body-mind noticing things that have spontaneously cleared after the fact that were released at a level beyond the perception of your local mind. Some call this a light purification loop (or purification in the light). It is hard to explain, but maybe this analogy will help a little...


It is kind of like everyone is standing in the middle of a river, but the river is beyond their perception. When sharing presence, relatively, I become like the mouth end of the river. With the balancing component, you also notice the river (of light). First the flow hits you and clears stuff, and ultimately one realizes that they are the flow itself...


Q5. How can one be assured that what you claim to experience energetically is what is actually transpiring?


As I have stated in the OP, I am just describing what I have experienced and my own perceptions in my own words. No need for anyone to believe me or my descriptions. :)


I am just sharing, because some members requested that I do so. Everyone should trust their own heart on such matters.



Q6. My question is - can you define the terms/phrases 'diving', 'merging' and 'going light'.


As with all descriptions, words mean different things to different people. But, here are my definitions for the terms...


Diving - This is a short hand term for a specific type of group meditation which is led by a group leader. Similar to the hug described above, it is kind of like a group hug with the leader providing the "space" for the group. The "diving" name relates to the practice taking the group deeper (or higher depending on your perspective) in consciousness which can be felt by the participants in the group. At these greater depths, the mind quiets, making it easier to release issue and fears. The practice itself is a modified form of practice from Kashmir Shaivism.


Merging - This is probably one of the most misunderstood terms of people that use it. Ultimately, a merge is a full overlap of consciousness with another being/person. Kind of like two concentric circles fully overlapping. But, being able to do a full overlap is very rare as the merger's own issues and fear limit the level of merge. Hence, what most people call a merge often becomes more of a hybrid of a merge and a hug.


Going light - It is kind of like people exist in a bubble of sense of self. To me, people (and beings) are more like obscured blobs of light, with those obscurations being the issue, fears and karma that keep one locked into that individual sense of sense. "Going light" is beginning to break down that bubble. It is very hard to describe without the personal realization, but one starts (if only for a moment) to shift from "seeing" to more "being". In more classical chakra terms, it would starting to open the eighth chakra (classic seven chakra model).



Q7. is astral sex just a stronger version of merging? - I noticed that when an astral body was in my space there was a much increased pleasant energy, while merging there was only a pleasant vibration, but the two seem to be in the same direction. Does sexual intent make it stronger or easier to connect?


Astral sex and merging are different things. As described in the previous post, an merge is more like an overlap of consciousness. So rather than having sex, a merge would be more like wearing (or overlaying) the other person. Some traditions/practices do this with divine beings. In essence, you are "integrating" with the other being and the clarity shines through. This "clarity" hits issues and fears (ego stuff) and makes it easier to release (let go of) the stuff.


With a merge, sexual intent is kind of meaningless as the goal is to match/overlay. If you have sexual intent with the other being, by default you don't want to merge and are looking for some other type of interaction (like astral sex).


But, there is no doubt that a merge can feel incredibly good (almost orgasmic like). This can be one of the challenges of maintaining a real merge, the flows become so greats that they can sort of spill over into the local mind and you start making more sexual like associations. Once you do that, you have lost the merge. For Star Trek fans, kind of like going at warp speed, hitting an issue, and then dropping back down to conventional engines.


As a personal example from my own experience... The first time I merged with Jesus, it was so powerful that it was like being hit with a million volts. I could only hold it for about 10 seconds before I literally passed out.


Q8. Why do you have to hide your truth, such as feeling like a black hole, offering healing energy, and your true relationship to the Blonde. What would happen if you were just simple and honest, like the naked person in GOT, or like the child, but you consistently feel the need to cover your tracks, WHY?


As shown by answering questions in this thread, I do not believe that I have been hiding or even attempting to hide things. I have made thousands of posts on various topics and always tried to be open. Sometimes there are misunderstandings as people hear things second (or third) hand and take them out of context. Additionally, many members cannot feel things like energy, let alone be capable of doing things like merging, so discussions on such topics often need to be specifically tailored to the individual person.


(As a side note - in the future when people try to disguise personal attacks in questions like with loaded phrases like "hide your truth" and "cover your tracks", I am going to just ignore the questions. Happy to respond to any real question, from anyone that is "really" interested.)


Q9. question, you offered me to send some healing energy because of my continuing tiredness, how would you go about it?


With this question, the member asked for a specific answer for them, to be posted to the group. This member is fairly advanced, and hence, my response posted below is not a generic answer that could necessarily be generally applied.


My method would be to first "stop by" and then "hug" (as both described above). In essence, share presence in your local space and set up a connection. I would not really send you energy, but more open up all of my energy to you and let you "draw" what ever you needed, both consciously and subconsciously. This drawing would kind of be like you are equalizing pressure (or balancing) relative to certain energy imbalances in your energy body. Over time the balancing in the energy body would start to help/address the physically manifest issues.


The level of energy able to be drawn for such things is subject to ones trust and openness to it. The greater the trust the greater the flow/energy.



Q10. In #4, you wrote:


"It is kind of like everyone is standing in the middle of a river, but the river is beyond their perception. When sharing presence, relatively, I become like the mouth end of the river. With balancing component, you also notice the river (of light). First the flow hits you and clears stuff, and ultimately one realizes that they are the flow itself... "


What do you mean by "with balancing component"?


Seems like I left out a word, should have been "with the balancing component" (now fixed).


In the river analogy, by the balancing component, I meant myself. In this analogy, since I know I am in the river and grounded/stable in it, my shared presence in your space gives also gives you the relative grounding (or my balancing component) in the river flow.


With such an analogy, if someone merged or connected with a divine being. It would be like the divine being is upstream (or the river source) and I would be the downstream balancing component.



Q11. Is ego ever addressed or transcended in your or anyone elses light practice.


Ego is another tough word to use, because everyone has a different definition of what it means. But for me, addressing or transcending the ego is the fundamental point of practices. What people call the ego is to me all of the issues and fears that are stored in the bubble of sense of self. As one clears and lets go of those issues and fears, the energy is freed up, and one begins to realize the natural and free state. Ones actions are natural and flowing, rather than autopilot responses driven by fears of the past being projected on the future.


So for me personally, it is all about clearing out all of the "ego crap". Or for those who like analogies, washing oneself in the river, until they realize that they are the river itself. With such realization, one transcends and sees past all of what was dirt in the first place.



Q12. Question: People say that the energy runs in the LU chat room all the time. Even when you just sit there by yourself. When first told that, I was way beyond skeptical! But in fact, when I tried it, that was immediately my experience.


What is that energy, and how can it just always be there? I mean, come on, in a chat room?


Glad to hear that you can feel energy in the LU chatroom. And thank you for your question, as there seems to be a lot of confusion on the topic.


If you were in the chatroom alone, it was very unlikely that you felt any residual energy. While I agree that it feels like energy, it is actually a little different dynamic that happens with the way that the LU chatroom was set up. The effect is really more like if you went to mountain top or late at night in a quiet dessert. Rather than there being energy hitting you, it is really more like there is more space and less pressure on your mind/consciousness. That additional "open space" allows one to more easily drop and release issues and fears. So depending on the person and what they are focused on, that can feel like your mind just gets more quiet/silent, or if you relax into it and release the issues and fears, your energy that has been trapped in those issues and fears is freed up. It is that clearing and further opening that people feel as the energy.


Kind of like when you have tight muscles and massage them a little, the blood flows more freely and you can get a tingly feeling from them releasing.

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A new question was asked...


Q13. Are sexual energies some of the most difficult to control, and is it safer to hone techniques by addressing other areas first?


Sexual energies are the most basic and accessible for all practitioners of any tradition. They are no more difficult to control than other energies, but may seem that way as they are usually the first energies that people are able to access. The sexual cross between the physical and mental layers so are more broadly available. Additionally, even when working on higher "heart level" energies, it is very common with an energy build up to spill over into the mind, then the mind often associates that energy with the sexual.


Fundamentally, energy is energy, it is more a question of what the energy "hits" as issues and obstructions in your mind.  Most people have sexual desires and issues, so it is most common for them to come up.

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