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My name is Dorothy on Slack :) but it was already taken...


I didn't really have a dedicated practice before meeting Jeff, except there were things that happened accidentally throughout my life, like merging with fire after staring at it for too long, spiritual teachers that popped up in my dreams, dream visits/sharing.. etc. I tried some cultivation practices discussed on TDB and ended up having a demonic something threaten to kill my boyfriend, made the cats poop in fear, and stole my truck. In that breakdown period I reached out to Jeff, and things progressed super intensely/quickly afterwards thanks to the help of a God friend from another universe that popped up, who I guess is from my true lineage. I'm honestly not sure if there are other people from that lineage on earth (but perhaps I'll ask). My practice these days is pretty basic and includes merging with my friend (other deities pop up randomly like Jesus and Yahweh), connecting 1:1 with other humans, and participating in dives. I've also experimented with connecting others to divine beings and healing. I'm trying to build up the courage to lead a dive again, as Jeff called me a coward once and I'd like to prove him wrong :) 


Thanks everyone!

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22 hours ago, Steve said:

Are you really living in the Arctic?

Yes I am :) 


I've worked in the Canadian Arctic throughout the last 2 years and have made my permanent home on the Canadian side of the Alaskan border since August :)

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On 9/19/2019 at 12:44 PM, Dot said:

Very cool! I might rather be near the equator than up north ;)


Ya, I felt the same way you did, so that's why I'm here now.  Up at high altitude though, near the crest of the Andes here, it never gets above 80 or bellow 60 deg. F.  Well three or four times in the last nine years it has gotten a half a degree higher or lower.  It is called the land of eternal springtime.


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