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New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

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I thought most here have seen this already, but just in case.

It describes the true and real Taoist spiritual path as seen from the inside. This kind of information is extremely well hidden from the public.

The book has been well edited and polished, and has been republished on Amazon.

A Lineage of Dragons -

A story of a life journey from the mundane to the supra normal.  A true story of
Masters and Students of the Mystical Life Force Martial arts and beyond.


This book is about the mysterious chi kung master in Seattle who was Bruce
Lee's uncle and main kung fu teacher.   It tells of the kind of qigong
that this master used to become one of the most powerful, and of the amazing
things experienced by the author, who was his long time apprentice.  In China a
powerful chi kung master is sometimes called a wizard.  In addition there are a
couple of prehistoric systems of chi kung in which the body of the master is
animated by the spirit of a dragon, a real one from the spirit realm.  This then
makes them a wizard and a dragon at the same time.  This book describes one of
these systems, a most rare and most powerful kind of physical, emotional, and
spiritual cultivation system.

May the force be with you,
Steve Gray


1  -   The Andes Mountains
2  -   The Art of Flying
3  -   The Bruce Lee connection
4  -   “We are Dragons”
5  -   Early Adulthood
6  -   Sai Baba
7  -   Meeting the Master
8  -   Practicing the Path of Power
9  -   Enlightenment Experience
10  - My teaching
11  - The Star Wars Connection
12  - The Path of the Warrior Wizard
13  -  The Taoist Path of the Immortal
14  -  Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung
15  -  Masters of the Way

Edited by Steve
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17 hours ago, david said:

Nice to see... but IMO, you should of done Kindle at $0.99 or $1.99... Even gas stations make pennies on the dollar successfully.  Not that it is about money but business is business.


Thanks, I was planning on running a free promotion, but mauybe I should just make the price real low like that in order to get it off the ground faster.


edit:  I just tried to lower the price to $1 and kindle requires a price from 2.99 to 9.99, so I made it $3.00.


I was just thinking, people may not even be interested in reading a book priced at only $1.


21 hours ago, Tom said:

Thank you Steve,


I hope your book is doing well :)


It is starting to sell 'on its own' now.  At first it only sold a few copies when I would advertise it somewhere on FB or a forum.

Edited by Steve
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1 hour ago, Steve said:

I was just thinking, people may not even be interested in reading a book priced at only $1.


I get your point... I'm not up on Kindle pricing and how popular that even is... so I was thinking it more like a teaser to that platform.

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On 8/29/2019 at 2:22 PM, Tom said:

I hope your book is doing well :)


It requires steady advertising (sharing) in FB and other places, which nets me about $5 per hour for time spent.  Hopefully it will eventually start going on its own.

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