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Jim Corbett's India by Jim Corbett ed R.E. Hawkins


Just read the first story today, from the era of the British Raj, a young British hunter born native in India. 

One Indian man a friend of Corbett's is given up for dead in a room in a village house full of smoking cowdung incense and holding the tail of a small black cow which is the folklore for a safe journey to paradise.  In the room all the womens folk sing songs predicting his death.

Corbett turns up and clears the room, opens the windows, gets rid of the cow and lights up two cigarettes and has a long chat with the guy !!!!

Then he feeds him a galloon of warm milk, after which the guy makes a full recovery and lives another 4 years.

Hilarious !!!

Second time he saved the man's life, the first was when they were attacked by a tiger and the Indian had his guts hanging out of his body, Corbett pushed them back in, tied some clothes around his chest,  and they walked 11miles to the nearest hospital !!!

We are so bloody soft these days !


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