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New Age Buddhism : Reductio Ad Absurdum

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If you "abandon judgement", people will like you.
You can smile and they can smile.
Hold hands and have a hug.
It's a cunning manipulation.

Humans living in terror of the rulers, and of being cast out, have developed a refined degree of cunning manipulation.
There is a great film "Hara Kiri" about how far this can go.
To save face and keep everyone happy, some are even asked to commit suicide, and they do it ... in order so that everyone can smile.
And hug and be really really nice to each other.

This is the sickness of the earth.
An insincerity so deep.


Buddha was not fearless.
He was fearful, because he saw people die, and he knew everyone would die.
He saw the insincerity of everyone pretending to be fearless and focussed.
Fearless focussed that is the ego talking.
So he refused to play this game.
He accepted reality and looked for a solution.


Sitting quietly like the statues of Buddha, you slowly commit suicide, but when people see you they will be impressed.
They will say, wow you are really spiritual.

And it's a lot easier to do this than to do any actual Buddhist practices !!!
Ha, you do have to laugh.


The self-delusion is really rather all encompassing.

Spiritual people these days say, well there is no self, so no-one to practice, no teacher and no path.

And then they do nothing ... which was their plan the whole time.


Yes I am equanimous.   

My house burnt down and I did nothing, because I am spiritual.

I also don't exist so I don't have to learn to meditate.

I have no thoughts, no feelings, no hair.


Don't have thoughts !
Don't have feelings !
Don't you want to be like "Buddha" !!

Just kill yourself, it will make your parents happy !


The sickness of the earth this is.





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I do think those types of philosophies can be quite the ego trap. I’m also hesitant to discount the truths that they represent. To say “This idea is delusion” is to limit ourself in a way, and shut off potential experiences that may come out way in the future, but that we aren’t yet currently aware of.  My approach has been to be open about things, and see what life has in store for me. 

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2 hours ago, rideforever said:

Don't have thoughts !
Don't have feelings !
Don't you want to be like "Buddha" !!

Just kill yourself, it will make your parents happy !


Or, have your thoughts and your feelings fully and know that they are just passing through.


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How can you know they are just passing through ?

Because you think. 
Thinking is intelligence.
Intelligence is important for all domains of life, human and spiritual.
How can you know your meditation is correct ?
You know by thinking.
If not your meditation would continue to be rubbish and you wouldn't notice.


But most of my thinking is garbage ?
- Okay ... stop using your thinking in a garbage way then.

If thinking was garbage, then an engineer making a bridge would be unable to make a bridge that works.
But actually he can, because his thinking is conscious.


Endless nonsense thinking simply means you don't know how to think.
Your thinking is allowed to meander and you have not consciousness within it.
That is not a problem with thinking, but your inexperience.


When Buddha said ... I must find a way to end suffering, he was thinking.
When Buddha said ... the 8th Jhana is still not self-realisation ... he was thinking.


He meditated, and then he thought about it.
He thought ... what next ?  Is this enough ?  Am I there yet ?

And so on.


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Buddha : Why jhana have you attained ?
Student : My thoughts pass through me and they are not me.

Buddha : Which jhana ?

Student : I have no thoughts about anything neither jhana nor me 

Buddha : How will you understand my instructions ?
Student : There are no instructions all thoughts just pass through.

Buddha : Okay, get up ... go into the field with a spade and dig until you wake up from this bullshit. 

Afterwards maybe I will teach you about meditation.

Student : My spade just passes though me, I am not a spade and my spade is not ....

Buddha : Take her into the field.  This meeting is impure.




( sorry : I realise this phoney spirituality is everywhere and we all suffer it )


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Although we all have thoughts ... I have decided they are meaningless.

Although we all have feelings ... I have decided that existence made a mistake.

Although we are in separate bodies ... we share the same underpants.


Yes, it's a good think I am here to correct existence, what does it know anyway.
And now that Buddha is dead I can re-arrange all his teachings so that I don't have to learn anything.


It's a good think my arrogance is not bigger the Jupiter.

- small ape on small planet busy burning it to the ground -


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Nonduality and Buddhism are the religions absorbed by the "postmodern" ... "culture".

Somehow they can be reinterpreted to correspond to the superficial meaninglessness.

In the same way Christianity, or a certain impotent version of it, was taken by the Roman culture.

Oscillating from all-bragging to nonexistance, the fearful dreams of the ego take root.


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