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For real,

The guru here has been putting his own issues on people for over a decade.  After my experience, I went and talked to several of his former friends.  Same "stuff" for over a decade.

Several people confirmed that what he told me  what my issues were, he had also told those people that was their issues.

Polarity practice is not honest at all.  Guru has issues he will never look at.  

The dialogue is not honest (or on the regular).

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Hi Lori -


I'm not sure how a sincere dialogue is possible when you think we're all brainwashed by a guru. I would love a discussion about polarity practice (or any practice), but when the starting point is that I'm blind and a fool there doesn't seem like anywhere productive to go from there. Also, there's a difference between having a dialogue about a practice and launching a series of personal attacks on the people who do the practices. Maybe that's where the sorting needs to start.



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9 hours ago, FaXin said:

Hi Lori,


This thread is talking energetic poles, not actual genders. The terminology can be confusing, but I think your mixing it up. 


Being “female” is more about if your energetically supporting others/those around you. When you support others, it has a tendency to “pull you down”, which can be unpleasant at times. 


Hope this clarifies a bit...If someone hasn’t identified the poles within their own energy body, this convo will probably sound very weird indeed!


Well said :) 

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10 hours ago, lori said:

Reading this.  Levels are a made up thing.


I hope you are doing well.

I know why people might see being female as punishment.  The guru here told me to lock him in to a female body.  'Cause I wanted to punish him.  I think that's where the punishment aspect probably came from.  


Anyway, it's not wrong to be female or "receptive".  Women not able to become enlightened until they are male is based on an antiquated Buddhist Sutra that many  believe here.


Take Care, 




When women have deep issues with men, it is often helpful to verbalize them from another perspective when one is “higher” in consciousness. It helps with the “letting go” process, as many woman feel that the world and society are not fair to them. That they are punished, especially when they may have been treated poorly by men (or a male dominated society).


Woman definitely can be come enlightened.  Additionally, to me (and in traditions like Daoism), being highly receptive (female) is the ultimate level of realization.  In daoism it is called, being the Valley of the Universe. :) 

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