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LOTUS SUTRA for my grandchildern

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Dear childern, 

When you grow up, do read any translation of Lotus sutra . I shall be referring to the English transation of Lotus sutra in this article.


1.EMPTINESS.........This vast creation /existene of stars,humans, animals, plants came out of  ONE source referred to here as EMPTINESS. All our senses, ears,eyes, touch, taste, mind and smell came out of this EMPTINESS. 

If we journey back to EMPTINESS, our senses one by one will go back to this source and lose their existence. If you as an individual travell back, you will lose your eyes,nose,ear,',tounge, body and last of all your mind and brain. Yet you will remain in the form that you are AWARE. And all else does not remain or is EMPTY.

But this EMPTINESS is a raw material beyond  our senses.

2.CREATILON/EXISTENCE.........All this CREATION which our senses note come out of this EMPTINESS and this path takes million billions of years.. EMPTINESS  breaks down in   different pieces/sections as a cause of instability and down and down it come to various planes numbered from 0 ,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.................31.. By the time emptiness reaches plane 31 it is smaller than the nanos/atoms/electrons that our scientists talk about. The size of particles at plane 1or 2  is very very huge going into billions of cubical miles  but are in invisible range as senses have not come out.

These huge and small particles develop a sense of CONSCIOUSNESS . This is a feeling of  'i"  or  ME OR MINE etc. which increases with the developement of  mind sense at later stage..These huge and small particles interact out of IGNORANCE and this CAUSES various combinations. 

The interaction of these combinations starts the cycle of evolution . Here some combinations survive and some othes perish. We HUMAN ;BEINGS  are one of best combinations who have survived and prospered. Guatam Budh has described this process in HIS famous 12- LINK CHAIN on page 131 of Lotus sutra.When you grow up and meditate on this 12-link chain you will get many details by following LOGIC.

3.MAHAPARLAY................This creation blooms out like a flower in billion trillions of years and then a revese process of MAHAPARLAY happens again in billion trillions of years and the net result is ZERO.

4. Guatam Buddh has describe the cause of this cycle in  4-NOBLE TRUTHS.  






This  method is not understood easily bt any section of buddhism, be it mahayanist,hinayanist, thervadians etc. etc, and they have all agreed on small section of this solution  mentioned in the 8 -fold path. The Lotus sutra mentions this path by following 8 views.





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5. JHANNAS.........Initially there was no matter and no sun no sun light. The evolved combinations will talk mind to  mind. This direct mind to mind talk is called Jhanna in Buddhism.

6. SUMMERY..........................The EMPTINESS will breathe out the existence and MAHPARLAY will breathe in the existence. This will ;be done through DHARMAS of 12 -link chain and all combinations will suffer through this existence , and later get destroyed or go to annihilation ACHIEVING NOTHING.

7.Suddenly one of the combinations who became the first Buddha and is named SUN MOON BRIGHT  (in the chapt

er introduction in lotus sutra) received the first JHANNA .

This Jhanna told him that his craving (attachment to creation) is the source of suffering. This Jhanna came to HIM from either MAHAPARLAY or some hihger  being. HE was capable of receiving this Jhanna because HE was terriblly frustrated with observing suffering everywhere. HE would repeatedly question the cause of this suffering. Too  much strength given to this question gave him the answer in the form of Jhanna. 

This Jhanna process gets repeated all the time with all of us. Even when Guatam saw DEATH  and suffering for the first time and he could get no answer for the cause of death from anyone, He got the answer via Jhanna in the form of Lotus sutra in Bodhgaya. All humans when questioned by HIM gave the answer that death is natural and one should not question it. 

I was considered a brilliant student in school because I had the ability to solve many school problems through these Jhannas. It is the waves of thoughts of my school mates whose answers will come to me.

When you get older and study the book Lotus sutra , you may not understand it. But repeated questioning will get you the answers you seek . I have received thousand of Jhannas this way and all the answers fit in one of the most beautiful picture of this creation after Lotus sutra.




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If you become master of computer technology and also the master of Lotus sutra then you can be the RULER  of our EARTH in true sense.

With the help of computer technology you can create an organisation which tells you trend send of human mind of this earth. And with the help of Lotus sutra you can direct the huge cosmic energy of UNIVERSAL MIND towards achieving that target.

And with the combination of both you can achieve any desire . Its only limitation will be the WISDOM of LOTUS SUTRA as the cosmic enegy comes down the INNUMERABLE MEANINGS (vehicle of lotus sutra)

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Most awakening happens by transmission, not by following any rules, but by sitting in the company of previously awakened people.

The Lotus Sutra is not something that happened to Buddha in Bodhgaya.  In the LS he makes it clear that he has changed his teaching, and his students ask him why.   He says that he had continued to progress and sees things differently now, more universally.

The realisation of Buddha does not seem connected to Jhanas, he had already attained the highest 8th Jhana, but was disatisfied with it and left his teachers before he became a wondering monk.   Later he was fatigued and sat under the Bodhi Tree for maybe 35 days after which time he felt satisfied.   What happened to him there is unknown, and he didn't know either.   Most likely it was simply a form of grace or enlightenment by instinct which he couldn't explain.   

The 8 fold path was not Buddha's journey nor teaching.  The way he taught his students became illuminated very quickly in some cases it was only a few days 7 days, 13 days, or a few weeks.   So it was not the 8 fold path that people follow for decades and get nowhere.  He must have taught by direct transmission, or possibly by another means.

What is missing is Light.
There must be Light right at the beginning or nothing will help.
No effort can help, only Light can help.
One must find it in another being of Light and receive it and kindle it.


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