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The warrior aspect of spirit in practice

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One thing and perhaps my personal strongest aspect is in the oneness from me the physical to the spirit through my adrenal glands.

Everybody is unique imo. As is what works best in working the spirit through the mind, body, and so on.

My adrenal glands have always been easy for me to tap into. For example right now on and its moving a great deal of extra shakti through me. The body is intensified in the pleasure of it. Its pushing its way through my obstructions.

I believe its something i developed from playing a lot of sports. Ever since junior high i have spent every day exercising. For hours typically every day until i was out of highschool. 

Then it was in the military, becoming an all day thing for a time as i went through aircrew school. Slowing down a bit until my early twentys. Then becoming an all day thing for work. Finishing most days hitting the weights. Slowing back down a bit about six or so years ago getting into truck driving. Exercising only a couple of times a week.

So its a long history of tapping into that power. And i suppose why when i got into meditation i found that using my adrenal glands i can tap into the shakti for growth.

I bet perhaps some others are the same. Although i havent heard any about it from others.

I have blown through so many blocks from them. I feel very lucky to have developed my connection in this way. All the exercise paid off in more than staying fit i guess. Lol

I just started this thread on sf but wanted to share it here to.


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