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Kundalini in insight meditation

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I'm doing vipassana (mahasi noting) in order to attain paths (Theravada tradition). Is insight meditation going to trigger kundalini at some point, if done diligently? Is kundalini rising necassary to experience nonduality / enlightement / liberation?

It's frustrating to me that I don't (yet?) experience energy phenomena (except when in sleep). I've this thinking that I 'should' be experiencing it in the vipassana nana I'm in (dissolution / fear). How do I put my mind to rest with this issue?

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I dont know? I can tell you what i have found to help me. Like a list. If it helps u i dont know? For me experiencing it in sleep is really good. Cause it seemed like it transfers over to while being awake. 

1. Meditation

2. Pranayama

3. Exercise

4. Meditating with teachers whom are far along. This can be the catapult and most important imo. It seems like many people experience shakti that meditate with people far along. While most others whom dont, dont seem as likely to experience it. Thats what it looks like from what i have seen. 

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