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Greetings...hi there.

Necro from SF saying 'sup.

ASL: 52/F/Sydney

Tendencies: Shamanic Hindu Wiccan thing which has no label, but I love and worship Shiva (Mahakala/Mahadeva)

Bali culture background: Agama Hindu Dharma - Sangyang Widi Wasa - Balishaman/Balian and Bambu Kuning (Yellow Bamboo).

Shamanic/Spiritual trance states and contacting spirits, Tantra and Kundalini stuff and sacred archaeology and architecture.

Esoteric knowledge of Yogic practices, Theosophy, Vedas, Tibetan Buddhism and Ayurveda...basically who I am/what I do in a nutshell.

Nice forum and thanks for having me.


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