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Recently, i have noticed the importance of the last Thought (activities, mind state) that a person has before sleeping, in affecting the next day in terms of the energy and mind state the person wakes up with and the quality of the whole new day.

For example: watching Tv, drama series or something violent before sleeping, will make the person wakes up in a bad mood or feeling tired, Also this is similar to masturbation, thinking of negative thoughts  or eating unhealthy food before sleeping.

A lot of teachers recommend doing meditation at night before sleeping and ending it with metta of love and compassion allowing the mind to become calm and have positive thoughts. also it is recommend to meditate in the morning to empower your day. (usually if you meditate at night you are more likely to meditate in the morning and be holding that energy during the day) 

Also meditating at night allow to improve lucidity in the dream, which can be used in solving life problems that arises in the dream state or realize fantaisies. 

also, if someone try to solve homework or maybe do their work at night before sleeping.. you are more likely to find yourself more motivated to work on them the next day.

So, What do you think?

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I have a difficult time with tv. I feel everything going on and for me i can deal with it in life but the tv puts me on over load. So i rarely watch it. And when i do i stay away from the gossip drama types. Comedy or even the violent stuff is easier but i dont watch it much anyways. When i do the easiest stuff is history, educational, and they got a lot of survival shows that are easy on my system. 

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I like meditating in the morning best. Some times at night. But as a truck driver i get stretched out especially in my crown from driving so i usually feel acter sleeping cause it balances me all out is best for me. When im not driving i meditate at night more often.

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