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Jeff and Jonesboy Merging with higher beings

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First of all, a big thank you to the creator of this site! :)


Hello all!

Especially this thread here

and the thread "The role of ishtas" over at made me write this post.


I know Jeff and Jonesboy from aypsite, daobums and dharmawheel. Jeff and Jonesboy, on dharmawheel and Thedaobums I always find it pretty impressive how nice and always friendly you react to the sometimes a bit aggressive "scholars" without a very open view there! :) This friendliness or compassion really make you stick out of the crowd! Really impressive and very nice to see. :)


In the past I had to go through many painful meditation experiences, I´ve tried out so many different spiritual systems and pretty much always experienced strong symptoms because of oversensitivity.


I´ve been extremely oversensitive to meditation of every kind for the last four years which made meditating very hard. Simple awareness of the breath, AYP Deep Meditation, Tibetan Mantras like Om Mani Padme Hum or Green Tara´s Mantra, Tibetan Dzogchen practices and simple So Hum or Hong Sau Yogananda style ... I always reacted with negative bodily symptoms like for example burning skin, burn blisters on my thigh, strong neck tension and headaches, eye pain plus symptoms like fear, depression and anger which normally don´t burden me in everyday life. I know, of course, I suppress a lot of inner tension in real life.

Symptoms come after one or two days or just some short sessions of meditating for ten minutes to 30 minutes.

I practiced Kriya and also Chogyal Namkhai Norbus Guru Yoga with the white A and with Dzogchen´s purification of the elements ( e ho shuddhe ....), Dzogchens Song of the Vajra..., the Dzogchen Preliminary from Heart Drops of Dharmakaya with the four sessions with the blue Hum. Everything led to negative side effects just after only 1 to 2 short sessions. Those symptoms would worsen exponentially after the second meditation session.




On the other hand there have been very positive experiences.

In the past I had many wonderful spiritual experiences very unregularly and most often completely out of the blue without meditating right before. Samadhi type moments... Spontaneously in everyday life having visions with open eyes like transparent waves coming from all directions that felt like pure love flowing into me more and more or multiple experiences of chains of light (looking like an eight sideways, the infinity symbol) showing up many times right in front of me in daily life accompanied by a feeling of unity, love and bliss and a wonderful inner silence. Those experiences sound like experiences known in Tibetan Dzogchen as the Four Visions of Thogal where for example those chains of light are called „vajra chains“ which look like the vajra scepters Gurus like Padmasambhava are holding in their right hand. The famous Dzogchen teacher Dudjom Lingpa describes experiences of flowing quivering lines by which One SEES and FEELS ones own Natural State projected visually outwardly into life, created by the four main channels that connect the heart, sushumna, brain and the eyes. From Heart Drops of Dharmakaya: "In

general four things combine to make the body. The channels or veins are like nets. In the body there are

the four special channels of activity. The first is called

'the great golden channel' {ka ti gser gyi rtsa chen), the

second 'the threads of white silk' (dar dkar snal ma), the

third is 'the fine twisted thread' {phra la 'khrul) and the

fourth 'the crystal tube' (shel bug can)." This is an excerpt from the book „Heart Drops of Dharmakaya“ by Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen (who attained Rainbow Body, which means Buddhahood in Dzogchen and is the highest realisation where there are no karmic traces anymore and the elements of the body attain their higher purer form the wisdom lights. This shows visually to others after death in the form of rainbow lights in the sky and shrinking of the body and is supposed to happen in extremely rare cases while the person is still alive in their human body like Padmasambhava and Vimalamitra, where it´s called the Jalus, body of great transference).


Certain siddhis developed after two session with the blue Hum...and are here with me ever since this time. These siddhis or signs appear again when I start practicing Dzogchen ...very short sessions with practices like Vajrasattva Purification (short version) or after toning the Song of the Vajra.

These visual "signs" are related to the signs people see when masters that have created the rainbow body die. These signs show me how far reaching into the world own´s own body / bodies really is/are and how our own spiritual cleansing effects the world / the elements out there.

Seeing how I react especially to Dzogchen practices makes me wonder if I shouldn´t try the Yidam practices with a Dzogchen master e.g. Padmasambhava. Could you please teach me how to do it?



Right now the best and most harmonious meditative experiences come from a meditation where I ask Archangels to enter into me and heal me and work with me and heal me... I ask Metatron (causal area, soul star chakra), Ratziel (crown and third eye ), Chamuel (thoat and heart), Michael (solar plexus), Raphael (left abdomen), Uriel (right abdomen, Gabriel (swadisthana) and Sandalphon (root and earth star for gounding) into those areas and ask for a very short time for the Mahatma energy ( the pearlescent 10. ray, containing within it accorsing to the system all the information of all stages back to the source and all information to build the light body ) to enter and heal me. I experienced timelessness combined in real life with this flow you Jonesboy write about. Other times I felt like being a radiating sun and wondering why i radiate my rays out when I´m everything. (for a short time Stage 9 ?! according to Jeffs stages of progression theme in an AYP thread )


A kundalini shock years ago massively disturbed my energetic system for more than a year. Some sessions of the most simple Nadi Shodhana healed me within two days from pretty much every physical problem I had. If only I had known earlier :(


The Mahatma meditation, see section VI, healed me within days from my last 3 or 4 remaining allergies or food intolerances. Which I´m very grateful for...

Some links concerning this meditation.

and the hp index


There is a short version of this meditation in

the Book "Mahatma" from Brian Grattan....The name of the practice is "Archangels embodying the Tenth Ray".



The same outer signs (comparable to Jeffs Wind experiences, but here it´s visual scenery)  I see after Dzogchen practice I see after this Mahatma practice..I think this Mahatma practice will be with me for a very long time.. Isn´t this inviting the archangels somewhat similar to your practice of working with higher beings?


Could you please teach me your system of practicing with a higher being? I would be very grateful :)


Thank you!




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Thank you for being able to chat with you guys. And thanks for teaching me and connecting with me. I had the most wonderful meditation session during this chat. The heart opening felt awesome! You guys rock!!! I know I will learn a lot from you. :)

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