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personal experiences on the path of Buddhism

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I have decided that though I am hindu by birth but by nature I am buddhist. This makes me natural buddhist. There is a famous Lotus sutra quote that "ALL ;BUDDHAS PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE  ABIDE IN EM

Thank you for your post. Very interesting concept on the Pratyakabudda. Is that description somewhere specifically in the Lotus sutra? Also, how does one develop the Nirmankaya individually? Are not a

What I write below in answer to your question is not written anywhere and not even in lotus sutra. So one may or may not accept it. Nirmankaya is development of various skills in the body to the level

This is my last message on this thread. 

New era has begun. The evolution moves towards creation of super human beings on this earth. Many new children who will with age will be clearly vilsible. By 2084 , this new generation of superhuman beings will take over the rule of this earth. They will have longer age  above 100 years or so. They will be healthy, happy and materially rich generation. 

They will follows principals of Lotus sutra and not the buddhism. They will be givers and not takers (Sambhogkaya). They will be creative (Nirmankaya). They will be conscious of nature and will improve earth climate (Dharamkaya).  Christians population  will out number others in this category of super human beings.

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I think you may find Chapter 27 of the Tao Te Ching useful to your point...


A good walker leaves no tracks; A good speaker makes no slips; A good reckoner needs no tally. 

A good door needs no lock, Yet no one can open it. Good binding requires no knots, Yet no one can loosen it. 

Therefore the wise take care of everyone And abandon no one. 

They take care of all things And abandon nothing. This is called “following the light.” 

What is a good person? The teacher of a bad person. 

What is a bad person? A good person’s charge. 

If the teacher is not respected, And the student not cared for, 

Confusion will arise, however clever one is. 

This is the crux of mystery.


The wise take care of everyone and abandon no one. This is called “following the light”... and is the crux of (the) mystery.

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August month has come. Last letter of  mine on this thread was in February'.

These last six month have been good. Continuous progress in quality of life of mine is the result.

On 2nd august I completed 81 years. Gods surrounding me are not only protecting  me but are working hard to  fulfill my wishes even before I express them to myself. Families, friends and neighbours surrounding me are more prosperous , happy and peaceful. 

This is giving me an unusual feeling


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I tried to test my progress by taking up a case of advanced lever cancer in a person who came in contact with me . The results after two months are yet uncertain. May be this was an adventures act and protection surrounding me limited the result. My health since DREAM 1 has considerably improved and my physical activities have since then gone up from nil to  average for this age.

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