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The Necessity Of Being Mysterious

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A friend of mine is always teasing me about being mysterious and a tease.

Well gosh there might be a reason for that other than general perversity and contrarian tendencies

to which I plead the 5th.

Human nature is to say "oh yah I knew that too!" - the Colonels secret sauce...the square root of infinity...

how to build a nuclear device from potato doesn't matter the subject...

But in the field of math say. can't get away with that...the 'answer' barely matters...

it's the ability to do the work that matters....and the temperament and ability to show the work..

then you know you are speaking to a mathematician and not just a memorizer of other people's work.

Maybe sometimes a mathematician is really sick of being mysterious and would love to disclose..

but if they are a mathematician worth their salt then they shouldn't.

Of course sometimes people just act mysterious to get attention.

My old mentor was really infuriating this way....but eventually i did learn to think and to show my work...

and that is worth more than all the answers in the world



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Hi Kev,

I am not a fan of being mysterious. To me, it is more often a sign of not really "knowing" or trying to hide a lack of true understanding. Being mysterious is how superstitions are created.

Any decent mathematician can always explain his/her work. A truly great teacher/mathematician can explain and translate the most complicated math into simple understanding. Truth and clarity are the key. :)

Best wishes,


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Superstitions are created by spreading misinformation from some old dead dudes who never wrote anything down and who probably never even existed.

A competent teacher would require basic course work b mastered before spouting metaphysical nonsense that has never benefited even one person...but is in fact the very cognitive trap that needs to be overcome.

The Human animal appears to be the only one on Earth who spends significant time creating complex social systems designed to keep them distracted from reality which will rapidly be causing their extinction whether that happens to be metaphysically convenient or not.

Step by step learning that doesn't skip the meat and potatoes is certainly not popular in spirituality this is true.

I recall stories where a Yoga student would be expected to spend decades mastering one fundamental....but now everything is instant gratification.....with a sense of entitlement to boot.

Frankly imho a mentors job is to encourage good study habits and to provide little or no information at all....

the student needs to learn how to create a wheel from scratch....and no amount of theory can replace the hands on struggle which creates 'muscles' and 'positive neural correlates'.

Thank goodness this is all hypothetical here and no actual students or teachers are involved.

Just some words between friends.



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Good study habits for what? Basic coursework that does what?

How does one step by step study them self to realization?

To me there is nothing to "build" and master, only illusions of the mind to drop... And that definitely can happen in an "instant". :)

Best wishes,


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I know you hold this view Jeff.

It's the old schism between 'so called instant enlightenment' systems such as Zen....with the cleaning of the mirror approach and the hatha/tantric systems

which build a metaphysical energy conduit (the diamond body one might even say).

Of course both systems are wrong when contrasted that way....

And even more problematic is not knowing 'what enlightenment is'; who becomes 'enlightened' and

what role a human life should play in such a process...or even if it has any value for a human at all...

and then the whole issue of so-called human adulthood should be understood....and how that relates to the nonhuman portions of the process.

People make all these assumptions about 'spirituality and enlightenment' because credible information is so scarce....they are willing to believe almost anything...and assume they want 'some of that'.

I'd just love to see more common sense and compassion in the wouldn't that be wonderful?


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You speak about illusions of the mind.....

you speak about nothing to build...

these words are representative of one

of the two basic wrong approaches.

Wrong because either approach will get

you 'somewhere' ... but probably not where

you actually want to go...and/or think you

are going....

Most people don't give 'spiritual efforts' their

full if they are fortunate they will end up

in some version of human adulthood..

or at least in some pleasant self-delusion.

What can be concerning are those with an all-consuming

desire....they might discover what's behind door number two....the 'nonhuman door' where they learn about the great life cycle they have unwittingly become part of....

and if they are not prepared for what they learn...

they will be destroyed. a way far more gruesome than the way that Jed McKenna s books can destroy. ..a person who is especially passionate/ocd/deluded and won't take no for an answer.

There is nothing more unsettling than to learn what you really a manner speaking anyway....though yes...ultimately we are the formlessness which is the essence of apparent form.....

But the door to that awareness (for what it's worth)

Is not a straight unicorn ride through old dead dude fantasy's frightfully jarring....nothing written in a book could possibly prepare you.

And then in a manner of speaking you see it was all for nothing....from a self-centered perspective anyway.

So if the 'genuine' spiritual path is like 'this' then I can see why all the fake paths are so popular...they promise that you will turn into a godling/savior/transcendent being...

yum! Whether by active or passive or will Wei effort....that is the tasty carrot hanging on the stick ever out of reach....

In many ways I prefer Doug's Wholeness or Yogani s silence..both of which are forms of spiritual adulthood.


I'll say what I say when I say anyone else...

I'm not concerned about satisfying anyone's curiosity on their schedule....I have no obligation (and these are self assigned) other than to be completely forthright as much as possible....and compassionate as much as possible and these are pretty much automatic responses like with most of us here.

Sorry about the mysterious for now....i wish it could be otherwise...maybe at some point it will be. Dunno.

I can talk all around it I have been...

some practices are certainly possible too....if

someone actually wanted 'reality' and not sugar coated crap.

Some things are better approached obliquely. you can get off the ride before the end if you want to.



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I *am* working on a system of human adulthood.. it's going to be slow going..

lots of testing and experimentation required... It's like re-inventing the wheel

a second time from scratch.


I can see why people don't want to do this.. the first time around was maddening.


*This* system I could discuss with little mysteriousness.





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