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Being in the Present Moment

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I used to have these notions about staying in the present based on some books.  Now, I feel it's just residing, bring present in the energy flows.


I think there are also multiple levels or layers of residing, or staying in the present as we progress.  It's not one thing for everyone at all times in my view.  This is what some of the books I read earlier implied.   Some teachers teach others how to stay present through books and talks.  I am not sure if this can be taught in a book. As we progress and clear energetic blockages, the residing or staying present seems to happen as a natural result.


Some also declare they are done, enlightened and are present in the now, after one strong awakening in the heart chakra, etc.  This risk always seems to be there in self directed practitioners.

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To me staying present using mindfulness techniques is a life-long practice, basic but powerful and effective. It ranges from occasionally just focusing on one deep breath and acknowledging the things immediately around me and then getting back to whatever to just heading into the woods for a total reset and head clearing.


Whether or not it's all it's cracked up to be is I guess a matter of personal experience. The benefits as I experience them are more ease and flow, and an increasing ability to do a reset in a given moment. Just to drink in the present moment objectively and in its fullness is a very rich experience, even when it's uncomfortable...


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i used to think it is just some bullshit like "how/where/when do we live if not here and now", but now i feel its when nothing is really important. no reason ever needed to do anything or nothing. maybe i'm just swinging from one end to the other. Tips from my experience: find the root/cause of things that happens around "me", realize who create the drama. It will eventually happen if we learn to broaden our awareness by meditation (simply doing nothing and observe) 

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Great replies!!!!


For me, the present moment is always getting deeper.  I notice when I think about the past or the future, it's in my own mind.  Plus, when you really drop into the moment, it is a profound energetic experience.


I think the heart opening thing that Siva brought up is fascinating.  While the work is never done, I think it's a profound shift for some people.  I know for me that experience was simply seeing that there was only here and now. Its when the real work starts IMO.


I heard something cool the other day... When Mary Magdalene approached Jesus and was ashamed of her sins, Jesus replied "That's not the woman I see before me."  Imagine if by that, Jesus meant there is only the HERE and NOW - and she was holding onto the past.

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