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1 hour ago, Trish said:

Thanks for posting, S1va - wondering what stood out for you in he Q&A?


Hi Trish, I liked the Q&A overall. Some of the following stood out for me.  


He described Kundalini stating it is not some serpent power, but embodiment of universal consciousness.  


I liked this answer on Shiva.

"Q. Is it possible that an individual would be able to communicate directly with Shiva and be in his presence?

A. But Shiva is already there, Shiva is never absent, in individuality also. So it is possible. Only knowing and not knowing come in the way. When you don’t know, you are individual, when you know, you are universal."


The left, right and central channel (sushumna) figure prominently in yogic texts.  It is very interesting to note it holds no significance in KS.  He states those are just for beginners and just breathing practices.  It makes sense these are not recognized in KS.


"Q. No, I don’t mean the breathing exercise. I mean, do you have the teaching that there are the two nervous systems, related to the two channels on either side of the suçumna, and that they are connected to the breathing?

A.  No, it is not recognized in Shaivism. This is why I told you that our doctrine and the doctrine of Mahesh Yogi tally, that it is one."


I liked the answer on brahmacharya and how he states, "you have to feel the glory in each and every being".  Celibacy is considered important in many energetic and spiritual traditions.  It doesn't seem to hold any such significance in KS. 


"Q. What is the value of Brahmåcarya, i.e. celibacy, and ku¬∂alinπ?

A.  Brahmåcarya does not mean to leave household life. In reality, brahmåcarya, from Shaivite point of view, means to feel the existence of God consciousness in each and every action. That is in real sense brahmåcarya. Sex and all this nonsense is not recognized in Kashmir Shaivism. You have to feel glory in each and every being."


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