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Registration Terms

Living Unbound Community -Registration Terms

Please take a moment to review the Living Unbound Community Registration Terms outlined below, as well as the complete Living Unbound Community Forum Guidelines; by registering with the Living Unbound Community, you are stating your agreement with these Terms and Guidelines, and you understanding the your posting privileges and your membership in the Living Unbound Community is contingent upon abiding by both them.

Please note that these rules are stated for a single reason and purpose: we are here to help everyone have an enjoyable and beneficial experience here at the Living Unbound Community, and to help insure that this community and its forums are an environment of uplifting, positive and helpful information and conversation for anyone who is interested in Living Unbound.

We thank you for respecting these guidelines which will help insure that this is the case for everyone who participates in this community.

And presuming that you do agree to the above terms:

Welcome To The Living Unbound Community!

Living Unbound Community Support Team

  • Disagreement in conversations is permissible, as long as the content within the conversation meets the guidelines stated in this document (i.e. is polite, respectful, non-exclusionary, non-argumentative, etc.). We reserve the right the split discussion threads, or otherwise modify or close threads, if we feel a given discussion is not in the best interests of the community.

  • Any posts, threads or other content which are not in compliance with the above-stated guidelines may be closed, deleted or otherwise modified without comment or notice, at the sole discretion of Living Unbound Community administrators and moderators.

  • Failure to conduct yourself within the above-stated guidelines may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of member privileges. Any such suspension is at the sole discretion of Living Unbound Community administrators.

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