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Found 2 results

  1. Jolanda

    Not Two Dragons

    Hi all who read this, I have the wish to study the Scripture 'Not Two' together with other people. And I made a facebookgroup Not Two Dragons for this, together with Heath Thompson, who is not in for study, and who makes beautiful Daoist poets... and together we agreed that one doesn't need to study or practice, that one can experience simplicity and stillness by accepting.. (so we made also a facebookgroup for people who like to have such a place to remember 'it'...) The Scripture is helping though, and studying it gives good vibes, to come to this realisation.
  2. Open book May I share here my considerings, cultivation, documents / scriptures and comments, silence? I notice that I open up more and more, that it is a grow in my life, from silence to unconsciously speaking - to conscious speaking - to silence and smile. Is it alright in this way, with this title, and tags... or should I open it on a different forum? Love to here comments, or advice, adjustments or whatever... Jolanda
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