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  1. Jeff

    TTC Chapter 6

    Probably my favorite chapter.
  2. For those with ears to listen, and hearts to feel... I am the second of the “Two”, who resides in the Dao, that leads to the “One”. Best wishes & much love to all
  3. Jeff

    TTC Chapter 4

    For me, it is more about knowing yourself at that point. Like do you know all of the details of your fingernail? Or can you find every being that exists within yourself?
  4. Jeff

    TTC Chapter 1

    I would agree that it is hard to "unwind", but I do think that desires can be "let go" without fulfillment. Sort of like people wanting to have millions so they can have more stuff, but realize that they don't need all that stuff to be happy and hence not desire the millions any more. Like things become less of a big deal.
  5. It is being shared with the dives. Residing is the key.
  6. They are related in a way, but the “secret” is more what is behind the energy flow. But energy flow is an important first step.
  7. Yes, right there, but most do not notice without it being pointed out (or introduced to it).
  8. It is not mental knowledge or terminology, as it flows through many traditions, which is why I posted the multiple quotes from different traditions. But, it is an underlying knowing/realization. Sort of what gives life to energy flows. First within the body, and then between all that exists.
  9. Jeff

    Not Two Dragons

    The ending of the quote sums it all up very well... Trust is key... One thing, all things: move among and intermingle, without distinction. To live in this realization is to be without anxiety. When you see things like this, You are already complete. Trust and Mind are not two. Not-two is Trust inMind. The Way is beyond all words: Not past, not future, not present.
  10. What I am attempting to describe would be more the “mother” of all immortals. As Norbu states, that which gives birth to all Buddha’s (and immortals). And if one has realized it, they can directly show it to some (about 8-10% have the capacity to potentially notice it).
  11. It is not really hidden, but more hard to find/notice. The gateway being the root (or basis) of heaven and earth is really talking about the polarity underneath that allows for the emergence of both heaven and earth. In more Taoist terms, the gateway would be realizing the nature of the emergence of the Two from the One (which is the “mother” of all).
  12. It is touched upon as the secret kaya in the "Bai ro 'dra bag"... The following is a summary of a section of Chapter One of the Bai ro 'dra 'bag, Bibliography no. 16, Lhasa, ff. 3a.1-5h.4. First of all, in the Akanistha dimension, for those able to understand, there arose the Mantravana, particularly the marvellous atiyoga teaching, through four diverse verse transmissions: of the svabhavikakava, of the dharmakava, of the sambhogakaya, and of the secret kava (sang ha'i sku). ... Regarding the teaching of the secret kaya, the place is the repository (za ma tog) of the secret mother, where immaculate bliss gives birth to all the Buddhas. The teacher is the secret kaya, a form of total bliss of the sambhogakaya that confers the secret empowerment (gsang dbang). - Chogyal Namkhai Norbu;Adriano Clemente. The Supreme Source: The Fundamental Tantra of the Dzogchen Semde The Tao Te Ching describes it like this... Chapter SIX The valley spirit never dies; It is the woman, primal mother. Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth. It is like a veil barely seen. Use it; it will never fail. -Tsu, Lao. Tao Te Ching The Gospel of Thomas touches on the same point here... 96. Jesus [said], "The Father's kingdom is like [a] woman. She took a little leaven, [hid] it in dough, and made it into large loaves of bread. Anyone here with two ears had better listen!" As described by each it is "secret", "barely seen" or "hidden in the dough", but found... "it will never fail".
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