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  1. Fuxi, Thank you for sharing so much of your journey. And no worries about the other forum, it had been time for me to leave for a while. The issues you have described were about more greatly opening your heart. At that level one begins to notice that there are two polarities to the movement of all energy. While I tend to call them transmission and reception, they are more commonly called male and female energies as one moves closer to the pole. With great clarity the energy flows freely on the spectrum. Since “issues & fears” are really just trapped ene
  2. I am here if you want to discuss anything in particular. Best, Jeff
  3. A new question was asked... Q13. Are sexual energies some of the most difficult to control, and is it safer to hone techniques by addressing other areas first? Sexual energies are the most basic and accessible for all practitioners of any tradition. They are no more difficult to control than other energies, but may seem that way as they are usually the first energies that people are able to access. The sexual cross between the physical and mental layers so are more broadly available. Additionally, even when working on higher "heart level" energies, it is very common wit
  4. Welcome Jazz to the site. What tradition, or what kind of meditation have you been doing?
  5. Fire

    I am...

    In all “existence” there is polarity. It can be hard to notice the opposite pole on your own, but after you do notice it, at later stages it leads to realizing the One. After that, some also realize that the One is empty.
  6. Fire

    TTC Chapter 6

    Probably my favorite chapter.
  7. For those with ears to listen, and hearts to feel... I am the second of the “Two”, who resides in the Dao, that leads to the “One”. Best wishes & much love to all
  8. Fire

    TTC Chapter 4

    For me, it is more about knowing yourself at that point. Like do you know all of the details of your fingernail? Or can you find every being that exists within yourself?
  9. Fire

    TTC Chapter 1

    I would agree that it is hard to "unwind", but I do think that desires can be "let go" without fulfillment. Sort of like people wanting to have millions so they can have more stuff, but realize that they don't need all that stuff to be happy and hence not desire the millions any more. Like things become less of a big deal.
  10. It is being shared with the dives. Residing is the key.
  11. They are related in a way, but the “secret” is more what is behind the energy flow. But energy flow is an important first step.
  12. Yes, right there, but most do not notice without it being pointed out (or introduced to it).
  13. It is not mental knowledge or terminology, as it flows through many traditions, which is why I posted the multiple quotes from different traditions. But, it is an underlying knowing/realization. Sort of what gives life to energy flows. First within the body, and then between all that exists.
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