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    TTC Chapter 31

    Freedom may be an illusion. But if we make a scale from the simplest creatures and elements to humans. We can see it becoming more and more real. Our energy is our ability to choose what changes we create. Loose all energy - become like a raindrop. Absolutes turn into each other, freedom no exception, but I'd rather not.
  2. nidoj

    TTC Chapter 31

    Every drop of rain changes the whole universe, but it has no choice in what changes it creates, no freedom.
  3. nidoj

    TTC Chapter 31

    Yin and Yang? Diplomacy and Force? Give them a path to what they want, in a way that benefits you. Or force them to do what you want, then constantly spend energy to keep things this way. Give things a path to their natural goal - they'll voluntarily keep going there. Spend energy to change the world and maintain your changes - have less energy. A good path can even increase our available energy. But unlike a sage who can see the heart of any creature, regular people aren't infallible.
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