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  1. I just woke up, haven't felt more balanced like this in a long time. Thanks alot. It's still night time here; the stars shining bright, a crisp cool air, winter is approaching. Beautiful. Going to let things sink in a little, and enjoy my day. Thanks, Tim.
  2. Dear Jeff, Thank you very much for sharing, and explaining the process. It's pretty fascinating. I remember last time, I had to cry, then laugh with my own 'sillyness' . Thank you for the offer. I'm going to clean my act up in the following days, practise with my Sifu, and I'll see what comes out. I'll let you know. Thanks again,
  3. Dear FaXin, Yes, I realize the effects come from my own energy body. One of my sihengs from my first chikung school, from South America, who is pretty high level and does shamanic travels and the like, told me the spirit of any powerful psycho-active takes a bit of your willpower as exchange for the experience and insights. With kratom there are 2 groups it seems; some people just can't let it go, and have cravings up to months, demonize it like mad on the internet, while others just walk away from it with minimal side effects. I personally find it to give j
  4. Thanks. Yes it feels good to let it out, I have no friends who practise anything spiritually related, it's good to get it off my chest Thanks for your advice. I use cannabis sometimes, quit often this year, after work. Last year I barely touched it. Kratom however, it's cheap and legal, a bag lasts me a month. I been using it practically half a year now every day. Last year I quit often, with intervals of using nothing for months. I was hesitant about sharing about the substances, as people soon stop taking things serieus after reading that. Practically all my exper
  5. I also wanted to say; to Jeff, you are a very high level master. Your energy was also very pure and beautiful when I experieced it. I'm sorry for the drama I made on that other forum. I believe I was the first that started a topic on you, which led eventually to the whole drama that got you banned. I'm sorry. I was actually going to go to Ecuador this januari, to visit Steve. Sold most of my belongings, then on the last minute I changed my mind, and left for Malaysia instead. One week in Malaysia (I didn't even visit the temple this time), booked a flight to Amsterdam, got hig
  6. Anyways, my apologies for getting carried away again. I don't think they changed anything, it's just my complete confusion about this all. My mind once got scattered so hard, sitting at my desk; I appeared in a sub-terraen like world, beautifull, with little waterfalls and everything, and I stood there with my tiger, fully intact. There were 4 or 5 lizard men dressed in yellow and red hovering around me, and putting a type of head band around my head, with a stone at the forehead. I experienced this aswell as very real. Maybe I just scattered my mind so bad at some poin
  7. Something I would like to share aswell; I asked one of the other disciples of the temple to contact the master of the temple what is going on; and his response was "if you mix different religions, you will loose your mind" . So on the one hand ; my personal choice and path - riding the tiger (wich is impossible to seperate from regardless) ; and then this cobra road (?) With 2 feet in 2 different boats sort to speak. I should explain that I experienced the tiger in full blown apparition next to me, when first meeting the master from that temple, 10 years ago. Very
  8. It could be. Whatever this entity is, she's trying hard to get me to be someway. Last year at Christmas eve, after waking up, I had a flash in my mind of the cobra at the heart; and my Sifu (deity) ; upped my spirit in my body. One of the rare times I felt complete, rooted and myself.
  9. About the 'female energy form' with me; The strange thing about all this; this form is a real energy, that has a mind of it's own. I understand the part that it could be a part of my own, but how can I explain this experience: There is an exercise called 'shooting arrows', in chi kung. You put your hand in the 'one finger zen' form, and the movements resemble shooting a bow. Practising this one time, there is this energy form next to me; and I had the intent of using the exercise to keep her at bay. She literally stinged me in the neck as response. That was
  10. Dear FaXin and Jeff, Thank you very much for your replies. I'm thinking about this, and can indeed make links to the past up to leading to all of this. I have been projecting my fears and blockages on basically everybody. I'm afraid of loosing a part of myself, or something I don't want to let go. Taking things to an extreme as response. I'm going to eat now, and think about all of this a little, and I'll respond later. Writing things down, and talking about my experiences, gives me a good insight (without trying to intellectualize to m
  11. Also, as a side note, I'm not smoking weed anymore, at least not for a while. And this female ghost around me, it feels like she ate half my etherical body by now, the right side.
  12. Dear FaXin, Thank you for the welcome. I practised Shaolin for about 10 years; and basically the 3 main daoist martial art styles; baguazhang, xingyiquan and taijiquan. Since 2 years I practise Shen Gong with a tutelary deity; wich I was assigned in a daoist temple in Malaysia. The temple is typical South-East Asian daoism; were Buddhist deities are also worshipped and acknowledged. About my questions; I have had experiences the last weeks, ranging from demonic possession and being 'fired' up by even just looking at an inverted pentagram. Strangely enough,
  13. Hello everybody, My name is Fuxi. I signed up, as I have some questions regarding some topics. I myself have some experience in chikung and shengong, and some chinese martial arts. Best regards,
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