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  1. I am very "female" and two of the people I live with (family members) are very "male". When they are angry or upset they pour that energy out massively and I absorb it readily. We are all isolating together so it's quite overwhelming sometimes! I was wondering if you guys might be able to offer some advice/tips/techniques about how to shield ones-self from absorbing all of this unpleasant energy please? I'm quite new to energy work and haven't developed my male side very strongly yet! Thanks guys xxxxxx
  2. Thank you Tuesday! That sounds really interesting, I will join the chatroom and ask about dives, thank you for the great advice! Thanks FaXin, that is so true! That is a very good point about the usefulness behind the yearning feeling! Did you manage to find that feeling again, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Not really one particular thing :) When meditating I either focus on chakras, breathing, loving kindness, chant mantras or body scan, observe that pesky ego!, or a mishmash of the above! In terms of philosophy I enjoy reading all sorts of stuff like Eckhart Tolle, religious texts and buddhist texts, and am watching lots of videos by Sadhguru at the moment (he's awesome!), but am still exploring and trying lots of new things all the time! Recently I've been catching myself wishing I could glimpse this blissful 'nothingness' love state again - I saw it once for about 2 minutes 3 year
  4. Hello, I'm new to the world of internet forums but have been meditating for about 5 years and am hoping for some connection and discussion with like-minded people! I don't know many spiritual people in the real world so excited to get to chatting with you guys!
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