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  1. Again, another great observation. People of a certain age remember the days when you could call out something for what it was, without the threat of someone being 'offended' and taking legal action.
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  3. Good luck with this Aetherous. It looks like Patrick has left here and taken down his site. This fallout from TDB is certainly a bit chaotic and ugly at the moment. Even though some of us still feel raw from the way we were treated, we can't let that stop us in moving forward. Time for some good old fashioned common sense and civility, me included.
  4. Welcome Chang. Nice to see you over here.
  5. lifeforce


    That would also mean that the Confucian commentaries to the Yijing are also worthy of study and investigation ?
  6. lifeforce


    I tried to read The Analects many years ago, but gave up, finding it dry and obscure. Mencius also. The Doctrine of the Mean, Xunzi, and The Great Learning were much easier. I need to revisit these Confucian texts. Thanks Joss.
  7. lifeforce


    Interesting. I've never looked at the Confucian angle of Complete Reality teachings. I was thinking it might be more Ch'an influenced like the directness of Huineng or Huangbo.
  8. This is something I've also personally experienced, time and time again. You find out someones true colours, and who your friends really are.
  9. This is really a bizarre, and sad direction for TDB to be heading.
  10. - Gender Gardens - Nonbinary (for nonbinary, gender questioning and intersex) - Women (for women and female identified) - Men (for men and male identified) Gender gardens ??? Sounds like some kind of secret cruising ground at a Pride march.
  11. These are just some recent examples. I'm so used to it all now that it's normal. I'm convinced that my pineal gland is open and fully detoxified, allowing me insights into strange phenomena. I've also seen dangerous situations unfold in front of me in slow-motion, allowing me to take evasive action, many times.
  12. I still need to get things off my chest, and talking about it is good therapy. If the wishes of the forum staff here, are that we don't talk about it, then I'll abide by any decision.
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