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  1. Congratulations on changing to a new domain and hosting service. Here's to a long life and many fruitful conversations to come! Jason
  2. A benefit of making the politics section by-request only is that the contents there are not seen at all during normal browsing if one has not asked for access. This makes it very easy to ignore what happens there. I think such topic segregation will help contain the mess. I am also certain there will be a mess, but such is life.
  3. Congrats! Getting it set up is half the job. Now it just needs people and content. The shape can change over time. Good job!
  4. I see your point. I'm thinking more along the lines of spamming or trolling.
  5. I can see your point re: the overworked mods. As for the stink test, if the mods were considering a ban then they already smell something. I figure flipping the moderation flag (for 5-10 posts, whatever is appropriate) gives the offender a chance to make peace without feeling like a door got slammed in his face.
  6. Banning is so last century. When a person is banned it gives them license to feel indignant and wronged. Instead of banning just flip the "moderation required" flag so that all their posts must be moderated before they can be seen. That will cool a person off really quick! It also lets them know that they are getting close to the red line. If you find they continue to post garbage that won't pass the smell test then you can issue a ban.
  7. The I Ching describes Heaven, the creative force as six yang lines stacked on top of one another. It goes on to describe Earth, the medium through which the creative force operates, as six yin lines stacked together. The significance of this is obvious: Heaven cannot realize its creative impulse without the womb of the Earth. This is Taoism - an experiential, almost lusty view of life - at its core. Until just now I never had words to describe this. Thank you for the missing piece of the puzzle.
  8. What you describe here is very good!
  9. Absolutely. 100% agree.
  10. Please note: I added bold to the text in question. "he who loses the way, feels lost." -- I take losing the way to mean not being at one with Dao or at one with virtue. Such a person is like an unmoored ship, floating back and forth with no direction, hence the feeling lost. "at one with loss" -- this is the opposite of unmoored. Here, one is firmly anchored to the feeling of loss. One is grounded. One is present. One has a feeling of loss, but one is not lost. I actually would like to know how "loss" and "lost" are referenced in the original text. Do they use the same character? This might be an artifact of the translation to English.
  11. Notice the slight juxtaposition in the last few lines... Here we have lines that mirror each other: But here we have lines that juxtapose each other: This never really stood out to me before just now.
  12. Just don't find the Chinese equivalent of "No Regerts." LOL
  13. This is worth repeating. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Let your choices today work towards building a better future of your choice instead of being a reaction to a painful past. As for, if that is on a hosted service (as compared to a home-brew server) then oftentimes the host will offer software, including bulletin boards. The host control panel will contain information if that is the case. If not, the software will need to be installed manually. Instructions to do that are here: Otherwise you can always pay for a commercial bulletin board, such as used on this site.
  14. Thank you for the link. The article was helpful. Despite the debunking of this theories, I shall still buy and read his book, and possibly the software. I wonder if the source code to the software is available.. that would be quite interesting to look at.
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