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  1. 1 hour ago, Aetherous said:

    Really? Why is this happening? I'm surprised to see you refer to it as "loserness"...probably good to start speaking more highly of yourself to start with.

    Alright, let's see my life's story so far, it's kinda boring. I think I had everything to be in great standings, weight training starting at 15, I started hanging around *that other forum* at around this age, good education.  Then, I don't know,  I literally put no effort in anything, I got fat, then people started giving me shit for being fat, so then I fixed that, but still I was given shit,   but this time for reasons I couldn't really know, I couldn't notice what was wrong for a LONG time, and that was fucked up because I thought things were going to pick up, then came another downhill, and then another.I also think that reading "spiritual" gibberish without maturity made me a little  arrogant delusional  years ago.

    And now I'm just unfunctional trash, and I fear any social situations, and I'm worse than any random person :blush::ph34r:,.

  2. I can't figure out my login in that other site so I'll stay here for awhile :ph34r:

    Time for a proper-ish introduction... Let's see :blink:, I'm an early 20s random fella, I have been reading (skimming over really) "spiritual" content for many years tho I have not really practiced at all, I have no progress in anything, many missed oportunities everywhere in my life :P . I'm currently stuck in deep Levels of depression and loserness. I seek normalcy. Trying to open up a little since I never really talk :blush:

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