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  1. +++ can you expand more on what you mean by Light practices? Never heard of this.
  2. Alright, let's see my life's story so far, it's kinda boring. I think I had everything to be in great standings, weight training starting at 15, I started hanging around *that other forum* at around this age, good education. Then, I don't know, I literally put no effort in anything, I got fat, then people started giving me shit for being fat, so then I fixed that, but still I was given shit, but this time for reasons I couldn't really know, I couldn't notice what was wrong for a LONG time, and that was fucked up because I thought things were going to pick up, then came another downhill, an
  3. I can't figure out my login in that other site so I'll stay here for awhile Time for a proper-ish introduction... Let's see , I'm an early 20s random fella, I have been reading (skimming over really) "spiritual" content for many years tho I have not really practiced at all, I have no progress in anything, many missed oportunities everywhere in my life . I'm currently stuck in deep Levels of depression and loserness. I seek normalcy. Trying to open up a little since I never really talk
  4. In my layman's mind there's Sex and then Gender/Identity. Sex is the more fixed part. About genitalia. Gender is whatever... There's people who I think don't divide these two and so make aggressive comments. You bring interesting points, thanks.
  5. I'm JadeSun, I have a similar username in another forum . I'm dipping my waters around (edit: wait, that's not what I meant but I'll leave it) Hi
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