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  1. well if it musts, then any day now...
  2. there is no reliable footage. Eye witnesses were hallucinating. Before modern times they were reporting ghosts and dragons. Now its UFOs.
  3. yes all alone. since we found no aliens by now
  4. JossBeaumont


    sure feel free anytime well, when ppl talk about neidan they for some reason assume that neidan practitioners were 'taoists' whatever that means. But first and foremost they were Confucians meaning scholars educated in Confucian texts and by virtue of it venerating Confucius himself. There simply was no other formal education apart from Confucian one. An uneducated person had a very slim chance of having the leisure and connections necessary for neidan. So practically all of them were Confucians ergo to them their patriarch was the fount of all knowledge including neidan; h
  5. JossBeaumont


    Good question. The term came to mean any and all ancient chinese practices aimed at personal salvation. It is used in that sense by the historian scholars and modern practitioners. However it was not used in that sense by the ancient chinese. To them it meant 'an energetic medicine' - not the practice to obtain it. There is another sense to this term. In modern parlance it means a modern energetic practice allegedly identical to the true ancient one. But it is not identical, it is a fake imitation. here is a good read on the ancient approach https://ignisetazoth.blogspot.
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    i really does not matter. The text and translation does get a clear message across, quite enough to sit down and try it in practice. Maybe starting small, even 20 min at a time
  7. JossBeaumont


    oh its quite good there definitely was Chan and Pure Land influence this is how it was transmitted to Liu Yi-ming (Teacher) by his teacher Qi:
  8. JossBeaumont


    In case you guys interested which book Liu learned his alchemy from Not that it matters much but Cleary's is quite shoddy of a job. Mangled beyond recognition, on the other hand its not his fault, because the original is written in code.
  9. yes, the boil will have to rot until bursts on its own. too late for therapy
  10. Gibbon squarely blamed Christians for it. Also, nothing is rather dramatic. Rome remained the eternal city up to now. It was first called The Eternal City (Latin: Urbs Aeterna; Italian: La Città Eterna) by the Roman poet Tibullus in the 1st century BC, and the expression was also taken up by Ovid, Virgil, and Livy. Rome is also called the "Caput Mundi" (Capital of the World).
  11. this one looks authentic
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