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  1. When I first spoke to a friend in the Ecclesia Pistis Sophia order(the one headed by Tau Malachi) and he asked me about my deepest desires, I found it quite odd. I told him about my lofty spiritual goals and he asked me more about real world things. It was interesting. I found it strange because I was of the opinion that desires need to be let go of to advance but sometimes the path is through them? Nevertheless I couldn't really wrap my head around it. I'm sure Tau Malachi has said insightful things to say about this. (will look for a talk) Also, Isn't le
  2. Thanks for the post. Amongst other things, just reading that felt like a breath of fresh air and i feel more present now
  3. Very eloquently explained! Thanks for sharing
  4. Billa

    TTC Chapter 13

    Really like this analogy here.
  5. I agree that if these practices weren't in place, all hell would break loose. They do serve a purpose. I guess it comes down to those of us who can see through it and embody actions from a place beyond these dualistic constructs, reinforcing what @Tuesday was saying about just working on yourself to change the world.
  6. I can't really comment on the phonetic aspects of it, haven't read up on it that much. Well, I live in Pakistan here. People do try to pray 5 times a day, and others do charity and so on. But at times I feel like it's more religiosity and just mere ritual without much awareness to the inner aspects of these things. Like we're taught this concept of Sawab which means 'rewards/spiritual merits' for doing good deeds. So a lot of people just look at it from a mathematical or economic perspective, like trying to balance a weighing scale of good deeds and bad deeds, not looking at the
  7. Sharing this couplet from Sufi mystic and Poet Bulleh Shah. This is a transliteration from Punjabi, in which it was originally spoken. Although I've always had more of a Daoist bent of mind, I've always been very curious about different Islamic traditions, particularly Sufi orders and masters that have inhabited the Subcontinent(India & Pakistan). To me, they represent the wheat that's left of what comprises of Islamic practices. This particular couplet has been relevant to me in recent times, so sharing it here. Punjabi: 'Eko Alif terey darkar, Ilmoun bas kari oo ya
  8. Billa

    TTC Chapter 7

    Thank you for this Tom. Really liked the Creation post.
  9. Watched this yesterday again. Her message is simple but very potent. Particularly, the renunciation and no BS aspect of it really resonates with me.
  10. Just posting the link without the 'http' into the browser does the trick.
  11. Thanks for the detailed post @FaXin! However, your initial post seems more relevant at this point. Experimenting with Dzogchen, I'm learning that just letting go and residing is the path of least resistance for me at the moment. Interesting that you've looked at your Tai chi practice as play. Need to give that approach a shot perhaps.
  12. Cool post @dorothy! Welcome
  13. Thank you @FaXin, @Tom and @S1va for your valuable input. I am going through what you have said intuitively and trying to see what works best for me. Experimenting with dzogchen and mindfulness for now. It has opened up some breathing space for me. Will update you guys when I have less on my plate and new stuff to share. <3
  14. Hello. So its been a little over an year that I have been on LU and doing light work with Jeff and Tom. Previously before that I was more focused on the heart center and was stuck in 'receptive' mode as they say. I was doing some basic qigong and breathing practices at the time to keep myself afloat. Now, I have become more mentally centered or rather I notice that issues arise at the level of the mind. I have also been out of touch with regular 'bottom-up' practices like qigong/yoga which would've previously helped me move the energy and relax. Ofcourse I understand that I am clearing i
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