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  1. @Chang Did you bring your pet cat with you?!
  2. Good to see you here Chang now where's that darn cat?
  3. For you guys in America just checkout how the lefty insanity is manifesting here in the UK:
  4. I think is will be used by the politicians and the media in one way or another as election ammunition. Funny as they're always telling us to ignore conspiracy theories!! LOL
  5. If anybody deserves sick humor after their death it's this mutha. I'm sure he had an emergency cyanide pill up his, err, nose!
  6. This is bonkers as many figured he had a ton of dirt on many people.
  7. Indeed and we're through the grieving period and I did say a few days ago "what would Marblehead do in this situation", in fact I said that at the bums. I think a new forum is coming very soon!!!!
  8. I had a feeling he wasn't doing well as he started to loose his stoic grace and easy going attitude in the last few weeks which was very unlike him. He was basically like the old wise man we all turned to. Not that Marbles had all the answers but he certainly was an example of Daoism in action.
  9. Well some find the political chit chat fun which is fine but as we all know frictions on forums have always existed and can run high. Keeping politics separate worked fine so I don't understand what the problem was/is. To be honest it does seem that certain influences have undermined the bums and there's no going back in all respects. As said above the place died with Marbles, we all know that to be true. So now the only way forward is to find a new home either here or somewhere else. And again I'll say: As long as people stay on topic within a designated zone I can't see any prob
  10. Well the place has just changed and for the worst but it's been in the air for several years. I was away for many, many years and when I did occasionally pop back I did notice the incremental decline. Marblehead was keeping it together from what I could see and of course when he left us that's when things started to approach the edge. I did feel at the time that the forum died with Marbles.
  11. OK so basically there was a strong feminine force in the background with strong left wing political views? That would explain a lot and why the place has changed and why some would slag off Marbles, now he's not with us, which is simply unacceptable in my book. Well if we don't coalesce here we'll find a home or maybe even build our own! Politics if discussed openly doesn't need to be right or left but simply truthful and honest. Of course politics is a cesspit of lies and deceit so whatdaya do?!!
  12. To be honest I missed signs of the coming storm/recent events as I was't around the bums much so I'm not even sure what the backstory is to all the chaos. As said before all I know is Sean relinquished all the mods of their duties and then the banner text appeared 'No more right wing BS" linked to his forum post and the rest is history! So? What happened?
  13. Well the Dao goes the middle way but it also goes left and right because it's unbounded! See what I did there?
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