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  1. SHAKE ALL NATIONS I will shake Heaven and Earth, the dry land and the sea, and I will shake all nations, so that that which cannot be shaken stands alone.
  2. It is very interesting because Jesus is saying that we are all blind, but to say that we see is a sin, it is a lie. We are all blind, but do we know it? How many times can we fall on our face in the same ditch without getting it? Are we thick skinned? Do we feel anything? In John 9 the Phraisees say that to the man ... "you were steeped in sin at birth" ... but Jesus says this man has not sinned. Who is right? Jesus says that he was blind so God's work can cure him of his blindness ... what does this mean ? I think this is too idealistic. The world is neither a perfect place, nor an imperfect place. It neither fully follows God's mechanised will, nor is it random. It has different elements, with life flowing between. If not the world would not be real. Reality must flow between chaos and order, between falsehood and truth, between the enemy and God ... only then is there a possibility to chose the Light, only then is life Real ... if there is choice. There can only be life if there is death, only reward if there is punishment, only success if there is risk. Life is real. It is all real. It is all alive, living, and with risk. I don't know why the man was blind, it is true that his blindness was an opportunity for healing. And we must all have some work, so work is given to us be it blindness or arduous labour. Without labour there is no life. There has to be friction, a meeting, a task. Without a task it is death. Life has to live, life has to work. Which task is given to us may be random, may be collective, may be individual ... depending on our level of evolution. As we evolve our work becomes more about us individually.
  3. John 6:52 52{53}The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying: How can this man give us his flesh to eat? 53{54}Then Jesus said to them: Amen, amen, I say unto you: except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you. 54{55}He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath everlasting life: and I will raise him up in the last day. 55{56}For my flesh is meat indeed: and my blood is drink indeed. 56{57}He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood abideth in me: and I in him. 57{58}As the living Father hath sent me and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, the same also shall live by me. 58{59}This is the bread that came down from heaven. Not as your fathers did eat manna and are dead. He that eateth this bread shall live for ever. 59{60}These things he said, teaching in the synagogue, in Capharnaum. Many Disciples Turn Away (Matthew 8:18-22; Luke 9:57-62; Luke 14:25-33) 60{61}Many therefore of his disciples, hearing it, said: This saying is hard; and who can hear it? 61{62}But Jesus, knowing in himself that his disciples murmured at this, said to them: Doth this scandalize you? 62{63}If then you shall see the Son of man ascend up where he was before? 63{64}It is the spirit that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. 64{65}But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that did not believe and who he was that would betray him. 65{66}And he said: Therefore did I say to you that no man can come to me, unless it be given him by my Father. Peter's Confession of Faith (Matthew 16:13-20; Mark 8:27-30; Luke 9:18-20) 66{67}After this, many of his disciples went back and walked no more with him. 67{68}Then Jesus said to the twelve: Will you also go away? 68{69}And Simon Peter answered him: Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. 69{70}And we have believed and have known that thou art the Christ, the Son of God. 70{71}Jesus answered them: Have not I chosen you twelve? And one of you is a devil. 71{72}Now he meant Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon: for this same was about to betray him, whereas he was one of the twelve. > Many didn't walk with him after he talked of bread and blood ... he says "doth this scandalize you" ? ... today if you give these opinions to Christians also they feel scandalized and disgusted. How was it that Jesus raised the dead ? He was no ordinary man. And where did he come from, he just appeared out of the desert ... or had he endured long training ? Many things exist in this world that man does not know, he is a frightened monkey ... > I assume that the priesthood then, the idea of it is that blood to blood they pass the blood of Christ from generation to generation ... although I imagine this is not done any more, but probably was for some generations > The Apostles had many powers ... were from ? Only from direct transmission. > In conclusion the spirit God the afterlife ... is very much more strange and large than people would imagine
  4. In the Jewish scriptures consumption of blood is forbidden because you take on the aspects of the animals. So they had an esoteric comprehension of blood at that time, they knew many things. This is from "In Search of the Miraculous" by Ouspensky, here he it is Gurdjieff who is talking. But, as a matter of fact, nobody understands what this was precisely, or what was done by Christ and his disciples that evening. There exists no explanation that even approximately resembles the truth, because what is written in the Gospels has been, in the first place, much distorted in being copied and translated; and secondly, it was written for those who know. To those who do not know it can explain nothing, but the more they try to understand it, the deeper they are led into error. "To understand what took place at the Last Supper it is first of all necessary to know certain laws. "You remember what I said about the 'astral body'? Let us go over it briefly. People who have an 'astral body' can communicate with one another at a distance without having recourse to ordinary physical means. But for such communication to be possible they must establish some 'connection' between them. For this purpose when going to different places or different countries people sometimes take with them something belonging to another, especially things that have been in contact with his body and are permeated with his emanations, and so on. In the same way, in order to maintain a connection with a dead person, his friends used to keep objects which had belonged to him. These things leave, as it were, a trace behind them, something like invisible wires or threads which remain stretched out through space. These threads connect a given object with the person, living or in certain cases dead, to whom the object belonged. Men have known this from the remotest antiquity and have made various uses of this knowledge. "Traces of it may be found among the customs of many peoples. You know, for instance, that several nations have the custom of blood-brotherhood. Two men, or several men, mix their blood together in the same cup and then drink from this cup. After that they are regarded as brothers by blood. But the origin of this custom lies deeper. In its origin it was a magical ceremony for establishing a connection between 'astral bodies.' Blood has special qualities. And certain peoples, for instance the Jews, ascribed a special significance of magical properties to blood. Now, you see, if a connection between 'astral bodies' had been established, then again according to the beliefs of certain nations it is not broken by death. "Christ knew that he must die. It had been decided thus beforehand. He knew it and his disciples knew it. And each one knew what part he had to play. But at the same time they wanted to establish a permanent link with Christ. And for this purpose he gave them his blood to drink and his flesh to eat. It was not bread and wine at all, but real flesh and real blood. "The Last Supper was a magical ceremony similar to 'blood-brotherhood' for establishing a connection between 'astral bodies.'
  5. "Woman, believe me a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem" .. yup. It is interesting to contemplate what Jesus really represents, if we remove the baggage. Was Gautama not enlightened ? What about Krsna and everyone else ? They were, and it was a long time earlier. What about the Pharaohs of Egypt ? Every tradition says ... our man is the only man ... everyone else is fake, ... everyone else is worshipping through belief. But this is not true, but given the low level of human beings ... they need this emotional pressure ... it helps them. And whichever path you are on ... for sure you think that your man is the only man. You need that pressure, you need help. I think Jesus is misunderstood, I am afraid my views might not be popular. He had 12 students only. He gave them his own blood because it allowed communication after death, which is the new covenant (lower case). You see the think is that due to the lack of sensitivity to God, people have to imagine it's a great thing. A messiah is coming, he has opened the light to everyone, you are the chosen people. Etc... But this is not correct. For example what occurs to mankind is only the reaping of what he sows. You see there are rules, and stages, and ladders of consciousness. Nobody is cheating anyone. You get what you are. If you are low you get low. Every teacher guru and messiah is part of the whole picture of the universe, they are part of the rule based system. So Jesus is likely simply another teacher ... but he also had advanced gifts of a particular type I will mention later. He was also a teacher coming from a holy family in the holy land. He was a gift to Mary. This makes him a natural child of God ... something from the days before the fall. It is different to a yogi, a yogi is an abstract man. But Jesus comes from the family structure of the earth, from family, and his holiness comes from that. I don't know the full importance of this ... but it is different to a pauper yogi who goes to a cave and reaches consciousness. Given that Europa comes from Rome, and Christianity was adopted by Rome then Jesus is vastly important. But as a man what does he really offer that is different ? Some very important things. Firstly, his journey meeting every fool that the Levant could offer. Fools, charlatans, frauds, the greedy stupid and unjust. And .. he meets the faithful, the humble, the earnest. His journey was the journey of a man in the man's world. There is no abstract "Tao" nor Cosmic Consciousness of Siva. No ... he is a man. So this represents the humanising of religion. Mankind sees himself for the first time, encountering fools encountering charlatans. He does not give you Disney World and promises of handouts of joy in this world. He gives you the truth of this world ... you are surrounded by darkness ... take up your cross and be brave. And he says .. plant your seeds, and invest your talents ... he says "Can you not see that from the beginning God made man and woman". He did not give license to live whatever way, he taught the rules. He represented the Laws of the universe at the level of mankind. The Law of 3, of Yin+Yang => Creation. He also recognized that there is no evil except ignorance, that there is nobody to fight except ignorance. In fact his religion comprehends the laws of the universe, it might come originally from egypt and be related to Hermeticism. Hence his knowledge of connection after death ... using the mechanism of drinking blood and eating part of the body. Otherwise they would not hear him. And this kind of insight and knowledge was easy for him: he knew a lot of it, either highly trained, or God taught him. He is not just offering salvation ... he offers technical understanding of the rules of existence that are operating. And he sacrificed his life because he had tremendous courage to destroy the physical body. Because "I Am" is the real body, and the real life, and this body is of small import.
  6. Why do you think its understandable ? Anyway, why don't you write something about your personal interpretation of those quotes of John ... it's more of an exploration that way. Which country are you in?
  7. My grandparents in Germany were Catholic and there was a nun in that family, I was there just a few times but that was the beginning. On the other side I am Hindu. I am a friend of the Catholic, of Theotokos, of Mary Magdalene and of God. Of Jesus, I feel some resistance although I do pray to him mostly for protection. But I am a friend. I am a friend to all traditions, and I take them all individually according to their precepts as individual channels. A Christian is a human being in the state of reality, more or less, that is what it means. My two teachers, are an adept monastic who studied Zen and Indian traditions, he is very technical and gifted. The other is Gurdjieff, who is very complex to understand. These two men have a comprehension of spirituality that is orders of magnitude above what is generally known. But I also do simpler work, and simply love God. It was never a problem for me. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, The Catholic ... each one is a beautiful path ... I don't mix them, but I know them. But that's just me, I am old it would appear. And probably a bit stupid, or have some disharmony inside me, which is why I have returned. I believe I was a devotee of Mary Magdalene in a previous life, but I don't know anything about it ... I just saw her face once when I didn't know who she was. I suppose that I must come from the lineage of being an emotional mess then !! Anyway, the path is the path, it is full of fire, it is unbelievable, but true.
  8. Are you a Christian? How do you come to be so? What kind of Christian are you and how to you practice?
  9. I have just read all of John 14, which was interesting : 14:26 seems to refer to another Messiah who will come to Earth in the future, so Jesus promises. Jesus seems to think that when he goes to Heaven he will talk to the Father and send help. in 14:31 Jesus says that he is going to his death so the world will know that he loved his Father ... therefore his willing complicity to his crucifixion is an example for all people to trust God even if it means death in the carnal world. "31 But that the world may know that I love my Father, and just as my Father has taught me, so I have done. Rise up, let us depart from here." 14:6 "I Am the Living God". All enlightened beings are the living God ... nobody comes to the Father but through me, meaning that if you reach the Light it is the same Light as the Light that is in me. His students were confused because they did not see the Father, and asked Jesus to show them the Father repeatedly. This is very similar to the students of many gurus in India who asked for the Light ... and the guru said that the Light is in you ... can't you feel it? And they said they cannot feel it? Why is this so? The truth that I know is that human beings need a subtle kind of inner development and inner transmission. Only then can they feel it. Until that time the Father is not feel-able, no matter how hard the guru or the student try it will not happen. That inner development is very subtle. Human beings are of very different types; the human body is a vehicle that houses many kind of souls. The whole problem lies in the false-self. It seems that as the intelligence of the human being reaches a certain point, it creates a fictitious sense of itself as part of its development. This creates many insincerities in human society. Although it is a false-self, it is also a phase of development. Later this false-self needs to be replaced by the true-self. The false-self is required as a stage of development, without it mankind cannot progress. So ... looking at the unhappy species ... God indeed is overlooking us, and has a plan. If you are lucky and find a teacher you will slice straight through this road and not waste time. If not the pain and suffering will eventually teach you. And for those that are lost in the progress, and there will be many, that collateral damage is necessary because life is real. A path exists for us, but this is also not Disney World.
  10. Ghazal 1, from the Green Sea of Heaven, Hafiz translated by Elizabeth T. Gray Jr "Oh Saki, bring around the cup of wine and then offer it to me, for love seemed easy at first, but then grew difficult. Flooded with their heart's blood are those who wait for the scent, that the dawn wind may spill from her dark musky curls. Stain your prayer mat with wine if the Magus tells you to, for such a traveller knows the road, and the customs of its stations. What security is there for us here in her caravanserai, when every moment camel bells cry, "Pack up your loads!". The dark night, the fear of waves, the terrifying whirlpool, how can they know of our state, those who go lightly along the shore? In the end, my life has drawn me from self-concern to ill-repute. How long can the secret of our assemblies lay hidden? Hafiz, if you desire her presence, pay attention. When you find the one you seek, abandon the world and let it go." ======================= Saki, is a young person, a cupbearer at a gathering who passes out wine. They wait for the musky scent of the dawn breeze .... they wait for grace. Stain your prayer mat with wine ... do not be too self-righteous, accept the lowness of human life. There is no security for us in this world, everything is always changing (in the human mind, not on Earth per se, Earth is fine). The terrifying whirlpool ... humans life in fear and terror, they cannot understood the state of light. ill-repute ... one who knows the light has no place in the world, if you do not hide your light you will be crucified. Once you find the light abandon the world, there is nothing here, the job of the "world" (the human realm) is to eject you from it.
  11. I did not enjoy the phoney book because it was phoney ... and because I can tell the difference. In fact I read the first page and instinctively knew it was not Hafiz. Then I did some research and although it was hidden under 358 phoney reviews on Amazon I found the answer ... that the book was phoney. This is because I can personally tell the difference. I bought a different book that is a direct translation of Hafiz, the Green Sea of Heaven ... I just read the first poem, it seems very good. Maybe I shall post it.
  12. Many people on Amazon are getting a lot out of the non-Hafiz book thinking it's Hafiz !!! I read that after WW2 there was a fashion for French fashions amongst women in the US. So back in Europe they made the clothes in Germany which was dirt cheap labour and once the clothes got to France, the French labels were sown in them and then shipped to the US. But the American women didn't care, they were thrilled because they could tell their friends that they had just received "French Fashions". So what does this mean ? It means that what people value is the "social reality" ... they value the opinions of others, and according to the trend of the day, French clothes, or Persian poetry, might be very valuable in the "social reality" ... i.e. your friends would think you are really really great if you mention Hafiz ... and so off you go to buy supposed Hafiz books or French clothes. Well it doesn't actually matter if the French clothes come from France or Germany, or if the Persian poetry is written in America. Why not? Because nobody can tell the difference, it's just a game. People can't feel the difference in the quality of the seems of French or German manufacture. They don't notice if the Hafiz book uses phrases like "major league" ... which no Persian poet would use. Nobody cares. What they care about ... is being liked by the social reality. If you have books or clothes or ima lineages ... that promise to be very very authentic, then people want that even more. Anyway, until people value the thing itself ... rather than the "social reality" ... this game will go on in the phoney world. Oh yeah, as for being liked in the "social reality" ... nobody really is like or loved. That's why they keep going back for more, because it did not nourish them the first time ... it is a realm of co-dependent hungry ghosts.
  13. Hmm ... well profound spirituality has been in India China and Egypt for thousands of years before Jesus. Holy spirit ... what is it ? In my opinion, it might be : (1) as well as external senses we have internal senses that can feel God, or our soul ... probably for many people this is a strange mysteries and wonderful feeling and they call it Holy Spirit (2) we also have an intuitive sense which is accessing a part of the subconscious realm ... that could also be Holy Spirit Basically you feel something going on inside that you don't normally feel, it is either feeling your true self God or intuition ... and you can call it Holy Spirit. I don't think there is anything else to be felt. Jesus had the power to raise the dead, and his Apostles to heal the sick, they were people from a different world. The goal is very high, much higher and further than people think. John recognized Jesus on sight (in 2 gospels) ... these people were not ordinary people, they were from the Holy land a long time ago. In the garden of Gethsemene Jesus asks God to take away his poison chalice from him if possible; in other passages Jesus was asked point blank if he was the Messiah and he seems to pause to reflect before answering. It would seem that Jesus was a man coming to terms with himself and what was in him, and perhaps playing a role on Earth. Because humans are fully insane and corrupting, it is impossible to openly as a spiritual being ... you either conceal yourself, or you can play a role ... the role of a "guru" in India, or perhaps a role predicted in the scriptures in Judaism. Humanity will not allow you to be yourself, they force you to take a position in their waking dream.
  14. ... I have just been reading about this Aramaic Bible which comes from an early Aramaic text ... well some say it is the earliest in existence and is not copied through Greek like most Bibles ... it is the direct Aramaic that Jesus spoke ... and it tells a different story of Jesus's life ... firstly that he was a man with Christ inside him and not God ... secondly that when he died on the cross he did not save mankind ... which I believe is more accurate personally. Last week I was reading a book called "The Gift" by Hafiz on Amazon. I read the first poem which had one word on each line with the text shaped into a vase or something ... and I thought ... Hafiz who was born in 1315 would never write poetry like this, he would have written in normal paragraphs. There were 358 reviews on Amazon, 4.5 stars. Pretty good. But checking out some of the 1 star reviews, they said that this book is not written by Hafiz and is not ancient Persian poetry. In fact it is written by a man called Daniel Ladinksy a 70 year old American man who imagines he was "inspired" by a dream of Hafiz. But on Amazon, on the cover of the book it says "The Gift by Hafiz". I had a slight mental collapse at this because I can't imagine lies like this can happen in the modern world ... but checking up, it appears it is true. And Amazon don't care. They are selling a fraud and many thousands of this book have been sold and people are not reading Hafiz, but some bullshit. Whilst I am at it; it appears the books written by Prabhupada for ISKCON, are now being slowly edited and changed by the new people in charge. Also the Course in Miracles (blue cover version) is also a fake, that nobody knows about. This means that texts that are authentic are gradually destroyed; and in some cases the most popular texts (ACIM) are actually demonstrably fake and the original version is almost unknown. Such is Maya ... it is the human mind which is degenerate, and miserable; it lives through it's misery, taking revenge and bending everything - that is its only pleasure apart from getting drunk. Basically mankind is ... a ******* liar. Get out of this shithole as fast as possible, by any means.
  15. I believe (8) is speaking of John "he was not the light", but at (9) it shifts to meaning Jesus "that was the true light" Another translation "Aramaic Bible in Plain English": 8 He was not The Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. 9 For That One was The Light of Truth, which enlightens every person that comes into the world.
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