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  1. @FaXin When a bird sings I experience his song ... and as I register the sound inside my presence I also experience my presence itself, I experience me that is receiving the sound, from within. The external manifestation triggers recognition of sound inside my presence, and I use this opportunity to taste my own presence itself, to sense my soul that is receiving the sound. Then I reset gently with this taste of my own soul, and gently remain embodying my presence ... meaning that I enter my real body and step out of the material world. If you are deeply conditioned with th
  2. I think this may be fantasy. Where are they then, where are the people that they help ? If they do help then it must be just a few. People on the Earth are unloved, lost, bereft in a spiritual desert and their souls ache if they still feel anything. They dream of being who descend from heaven and love everyone. And as these people lie on their backs dying, they still dream of love carrying them off like a mother or father. Unfortunately many spiritual seekers spend their time with these fantasies, they ache for love so much they cannot really practice. They dream of one day being a
  3. SHAKE ALL NATIONS I will shake Heaven and Earth, the dry land and the sea, and I will shake all nations, so that that which cannot be shaken stands alone.
  4. It is very interesting because Jesus is saying that we are all blind, but to say that we see is a sin, it is a lie. We are all blind, but do we know it? How many times can we fall on our face in the same ditch without getting it? Are we thick skinned? Do we feel anything? In John 9 the Phraisees say that to the man ... "you were steeped in sin at birth" ... but Jesus says this man has not sinned. Who is right? Jesus says that he was blind so God's work can cure him of his blindness ... what does this mean ? I think this is too idealistic. The world is neither a perf
  5. John 6:52 52{53}The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying: How can this man give us his flesh to eat? 53{54}Then Jesus said to them: Amen, amen, I say unto you: except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you. 54{55}He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath everlasting life: and I will raise him up in the last day. 55{56}For my flesh is meat indeed: and my blood is drink indeed. 56{57}He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood abideth in me: and I in him. 57{58}As the living Father hath sent me and I live by the Fa
  6. In the Jewish scriptures consumption of blood is forbidden because you take on the aspects of the animals. So they had an esoteric comprehension of blood at that time, they knew many things. This is from "In Search of the Miraculous" by Ouspensky, here he it is Gurdjieff who is talking. But, as a matter of fact, nobody understands what this was precisely, or what was done by Christ and his disciples that evening. There exists no explanation that even approximately resembles the truth, because what is written in the Gospels has been, in the
  7. "Woman, believe me a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem" .. yup. It is interesting to contemplate what Jesus really represents, if we remove the baggage. Was Gautama not enlightened ? What about Krsna and everyone else ? They were, and it was a long time earlier. What about the Pharaohs of Egypt ? Every tradition says ... our man is the only man ... everyone else is fake, ... everyone else is worshipping through belief. But this is not true, but given the low level of human beings ... they need this emotio
  8. Why do you think its understandable ? Anyway, why don't you write something about your personal interpretation of those quotes of John ... it's more of an exploration that way. Which country are you in?
  9. My grandparents in Germany were Catholic and there was a nun in that family, I was there just a few times but that was the beginning. On the other side I am Hindu. I am a friend of the Catholic, of Theotokos, of Mary Magdalene and of God. Of Jesus, I feel some resistance although I do pray to him mostly for protection. But I am a friend. I am a friend to all traditions, and I take them all individually according to their precepts as individual channels. A Christian is a human being in the state of reality, more or less, that is what it means. My two teachers, are an adept monastic w
  10. Are you a Christian? How do you come to be so? What kind of Christian are you and how to you practice?
  11. I have just read all of John 14, which was interesting : 14:26 seems to refer to another Messiah who will come to Earth in the future, so Jesus promises. Jesus seems to think that when he goes to Heaven he will talk to the Father and send help. in 14:31 Jesus says that he is going to his death so the world will know that he loved his Father ... therefore his willing complicity to his crucifixion is an example for all people to trust God even if it means death in the carnal world. "31 But that the world ma
  12. Ghazal 1, from the Green Sea of Heaven, Hafiz translated by Elizabeth T. Gray Jr "Oh Saki, bring around the cup of wine and then offer it to me, for love seemed easy at first, but then grew difficult. Flooded with their heart's blood are those who wait for the scent, that the dawn wind may spill from her dark musky curls. Stain your prayer mat with wine if the Magus tells you to, for such a traveller knows the road, and the customs of its stations. What security is there for us here in her caravanserai, when every moment camel
  13. I did not enjoy the phoney book because it was phoney ... and because I can tell the difference. In fact I read the first page and instinctively knew it was not Hafiz. Then I did some research and although it was hidden under 358 phoney reviews on Amazon I found the answer ... that the book was phoney. This is because I can personally tell the difference. I bought a different book that is a direct translation of Hafiz, the Green Sea of Heaven ... I just read the first poem, it seems very good. Maybe I shall post it.
  14. Many people on Amazon are getting a lot out of the non-Hafiz book thinking it's Hafiz !!! I read that after WW2 there was a fashion for French fashions amongst women in the US. So back in Europe they made the clothes in Germany which was dirt cheap labour and once the clothes got to France, the French labels were sown in them and then shipped to the US. But the American women didn't care, they were thrilled because they could tell their friends that they had just received "French Fashions". So what does this mean ? It means that what people value is the "social reality" ... they val
  15. Hmm ... well profound spirituality has been in India China and Egypt for thousands of years before Jesus. Holy spirit ... what is it ? In my opinion, it might be : (1) as well as external senses we have internal senses that can feel God, or our soul ... probably for many people this is a strange mysteries and wonderful feeling and they call it Holy Spirit (2) we also have an intuitive sense which is accessing a part of the subconscious realm ... that could also be Holy Spirit Basically you feel something going on inside that you don't normally feel, it is either feeling your true
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