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  1. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 16

    Emptying the mind of everything is not possible. You can pretend. And you can repeatedly empty it, but it is not a stable state of being. As you observe nature it returns to the source like a great machine breathing into and out of the universe. But who is doing the watching, inside you? Are you returning to the source? Can you see yourself? Mankind is lost in the world, they do not see themselves. The mind. The heart. No tantien ? It is not mentioned, therefore he only sees the Tao externally and is a philosphical Taoist. An immortal is one who has the mind / heart / tantien and has allowed the Tao internally to return. Many small creatures act naturally, they are not eternal, they are unconscious machines pushed around by great forces. The Tao flows through them ... and like straw dogs destroys them. The Tao is eternal but the creatures are burnt as required. If you are burnt as required then this is not a path to your eternity. This is the difference between seeing things outside ... and causing your own being to return to the source. For the straw dog they are part of the energy system of the entire universe, but the sage has individuated himself through discovery of Self, and he has his own energy flow to the Source. He has changed from a leaf on the tree of the universe, to a mirror of the universe at a small scale and become his own tree planted into the Source directly.
  2. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 15

    I think this is about the end of self-reference. Humans live by continuously checking themselves, considering their position in the world and what people think of them. The movement of the ego, the continuous thinking, is self-reference, it is a continuous self-checking like a switch of partial self-recognition that flickers on and off continuously. When awakening is mature the being no longer has this. He has a clear continuous self-recognition, there is no self checking, and no ego movement. He is one with himself, as he wills so he moves, when he moves he moves as a whole. There are no parts to him, he is one. Later even the ego falls into the black hole of his being. As for his actions in the world, what he does and doesn't do ... is unknown. Courteous, yielding, simple and empty ... But even the Tao has dark storms, and when they crash and rage with the lightning forking out of them, they are courteous, yielding, simple and empty.
  3. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 14

    Look, it cannot be seen - it is beyond form. Listen, it cannot be heard - it is beyond sound. Grasp, it cannot be held - it is intangible. I don't like him defining that it is beyond form,sound,intangible. Too many claims here. Just say you don't know. This world we see through vision and sound and touch ... within it we sense something else. With the outer senses of the head we can identify a world, but from our belly we sense something else alive within it. The Force that flows, that is the cause origin, and conveyor. Which is the true form ... that which our senses capture ? Or do we one day experience that as a dream, with the true form being the spirit. And perhaps later we realise that it is our inexperience that captures light sound and form ... as unholy ... because they are also holy but only great sensitivity can experience that. Visual light is like the eyes of God. These three are indefinable; Therefore they are joined in one. Reaching down through this world we find one origin, mater, light, and sound ... emanates from it in different planes of the manifest. .... Stay with the ancient Tao, Move with the present. Connected within to the source we move within the outer world. Later there is only one world.
  4. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 13

    Surrender yourself humbly, then you can be trusted to care for all things. Love the world as your own self, then you can truly be trusted to care for all things. From these two lines you can see Laozi is pointing to a very high state, and he doesn't mean become an ignorant vagabond. Seeing the ignorant vanity of the world you no longer chase the things of the world, you rest when the work is done and do not seek attention. But in practical life being in disgrace might cause you a lot of problems, so a middle place will attract less attention from the crowd then disgrace. As for "the body" ... who can meditate without a body ? It is both our enemy and also our vehicle ... a mountain is only a problem if we refuse to climb. Do we have a "body" ? As you look out of your eyes ... you can't even see your body, is it still there ? What is a body ? Is it a layer of physical-consciousness ? is it a vehicle ? is it an emanation of our consciousness ? Is it in the end ... our true substance ? Or just an other layer ? Is it our guardian angel and guide ? It is exceptionally complex, we are fools compared to its power. I make a small intention with my will and the body springs into action navigating this world like a master. When I screw up, the body bleeds, heals and forgives me. I bow before this body, it is much greater than I. Who could make such a thing ? Only God.
  5. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 13

    If there is a large business in LA selling hangers, and it wants to expand to the Congo in Africa. So it opens an office there. The office can work in three ways : 1) The office does nothing it ... just takes orders and deliveries and has no "resistance", the source company can't really expand into the new territory because it's produce is not adapted for the Congo. Also the new office in Africa is not growing, it's really dumb terminal and not helping the source company. 2) The office and its staff start to get their own ideas and has too much "resistance" and make a mess of everything ... sooner or later it burns out. 3) The office takes orders from back home in LA, but it does some hard work to knit together the LA company with the local conditions in the Congo. In this way it creates a channel adapted to the local conditions and extends the source company into the new territory. The office itself has to mature and develop skill in the local conditions, and as it becomes successful the office stays alive and grows. Eventually it becomes a permanent feature of the source company.
  6. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 12

    I do appreciate travelling through the TTC chapter by chapter with people, it is a good journey to do things like this.
  7. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 12

    Humans have energy pouring out of their eyes, leaking out. The energy leaking out into the mind is the same phenomenon. Consciousness is pouring of the human creature at the front of the head. That is why humans are chasing things, and endlessly have unconscious thinking in the head ... this is the energy pouring out. It's painful. The whole rat race society is based upon leaking out into the world, that the whole species is doing. This can only change when the creature can contain the energy and not leak out. Stopping the leak and recognizing the Self. Prior to that awaking various half-way stages can be created; for instance if you think-consciously it arrests the mind and is quite different to unconscious dialogue in the head. Thinking consciously is a step towards awakening. Also becoming more intelligent, and being able to observe yourself. Hence there is a need for Vipassana like techniques to create awareness and observational ability. The five colours blind the eye. The five tones deafen the ear. The five flavours dull the taste. For having in excess, dulls the senses. When the senses are dulled, men look for more stimulation. Racing and hunting fever the mind. Precious things cause greed to arise in Men’s hearts. The leakage of energy causes the entire organism to weaken and its vibrational state becomes low and coarse. It's tastes dulls. In the fall of Rome the crowd was only satisfied when hundreds of men and animals were ripped apart so that their bones and organs lay dripping in blood. Only that would satisfy their low carnal tastes as their minds degenerated and destroyed everything. Later sex with reptiles and other things. Therefore the Sage is guided by what he feels, and not by what he sees. He lets go of that and chooses this. Disconnecting from the leakages of staring into the world and running after it, and to feel the rest of the being that is totally forgotten. People are so leaking out of their eyes that they do not feel their bodies. Even when they go running they insist of pumping it up with cans on the head so that they don't feel the body and stay in the mind, such is their addiction. Similarly AI, although it is actually only a marketing terms and doesn't mean anything ... has become some sort of dream to remain inside the ego-mind forever. Identity and Leakage The ego is a pseudo-identity that is formed by the pouring of energy into the world or into the unconscious mind. The being who is unconscious has only the ego-pseudo-identity. This kind of human is resistant to sitting still because it would mean losing the only pseudo-identity he has which feels bad, only if he continues to ratrace does he feel alive. This unconscious being tries to increase the pseudo-identity by leaking more, by thinking more, by doing more in the world. It's a disaster. If the Real can be transmitted to that creature then it he can discover the true identity the Self. Then leak will stop because there is no more need for pseudo-identity. It appears that existence is using the human vehicle to create souls, by pouring consciousness through the creatures. Some of them are able to discover the Self. Others bravely battle with the leak and try to understand themselves. Others perish and have no soul, or lose the small soul they have. Especially when the society is in a bad shape. Many traditions involve putting a tournique around that leak in various ways, because retaining the energy strengthens the entire being.
  8. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 12

    On the Number 5 in Chinese Culture: Wide Use of No. 5 In Chinese history, No. 5 has a wide range of use in classifying things with similar characters, which makes things easy to be remembered. Here are some examples: 1. Five Flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, salty 2. Five Classics in Ancient China: Classic of Poetry, Book of Documents, Book of Rites, Book of Changes, Spring and Autumn Annals 3. Five Sacred Mountains in China: Mt. Huashan in Xi'an, Shaanxi, Mt. Taishan in Shandong, Mt. Hengshan in Hunan, Mt. Hengshan in Shanxi, Mt. Songshan in Henan 4. Five Emperors: Yellow Emperor (Emperor Huangdi), Emperor Zhuanxu, Emperor Diku, Yao, Shun The number 5 (五, pinyin: wǔ; Cantonese Yale: ńg) sounds like "me" in Mandarin (吾, pinyin: wú; literally: 'me') and Cantonese (唔, Cantonese Yale: m̀; literally: 'not'). 53 (pinyin: wǔ sān; Cantonese Yale: ńg sāam) sounds like "my life" in Mandarin (吾生, wú shēng) and Cantonese (唔生, m̀ sāang). 54 (pinyin: wǔ sì; Cantonese Yale: ńg sei) sounds like "my death" in Mandarin (吾死, wú sǐ) and Cantonese (唔死, m̀ séi). 58 (pinyin: wǔ bā; Cantonese Yale: ńg baat) sounds like "me prosper" in Mandarin (吾發, pinyin: wǔ fā) and Cantonese (唔發, m̀ faat). 5 Elements : Wuxing also "The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear with hearing" Ecclesiastes 1:8
  9. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 11

    The key is in the last line, Laozi indicates that humans do not seem to understand when things are useful, or what makes things useful. In other words humans only comprehend partially. They see the form but not the space inside. They see obvious things, but miss the subtleties. He is pointing to an error or ignorance in the way the human intelligence is functioning, an error that becomes corrected through spiritual practice. A clay jug may indeed have a useful space inside. But if you pour water into that space without the jug ... then it won't work. Clearly both the jug and the space within work together to create usefulness, both male and female must work together. It is not literally true that the centre of wheel makes it useful because there is no centre without the spokes ... but Laozi's intention is to highlight to people the subtle things that they miss when they only see what is outside. Society if you listen to its commentary on the media is very much concerned with the visible outer things and the minds of people are pointed outside like a lighthouse shining out. It is not very good at looking within and so is extremely unbalanced.
  10. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 10

    Well it seems there are different views on the subject, I am just stating mine which is that each teacher is discriminating with great skill, and so I do not follow the idea that spirituality is linked with not discriminating.
  11. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 10

    In the West there was once artisan traditions for painting where people studied for decades to reach high levels of skill. Today turn a toilet seat upside down and it's $1m. When Gore Vidal died the US lost one of the last of an old breed of politician who had great depth. Today the candidates are very low minded and untrustworthy people. And it's the same in every category of life. Skill wisdom intelligence ... are fading from the West, instead the idea that skill wisdom intelligence don't exist is appearing. It is even the same in western spirituality. Instead of seeing Jesus Buddha Laozi's words as a great depth and profound discrimination .... a different meaning is interpreted by some ... which I don't really understand. If someone is teaching you how to rule a country, how to reach jhanic states, or how to plan seeds ... that is discrimination, what else would be?
  12. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 10

    Yes. Let's be honest when you switch the TV on today what do you see .... you see exactly what you are saying Tuesday, moral relativism, you have just repeated correctly the current programming in the society. So, let's not pretend that repeating what we are taught is an achievement, it is easy to do. And if you repeat the dominant ideology you will have lots of friends. The Taoists like Laozi and Chuangtzu have very very fine discrimination. Like when Chuangtzu is "Cutting Up and Ox", he talks about how a man with great sensitivity can use the same butchers knife for years with no wear because he feels the space between the joins and does not snag the knife. Such experience and skill is amazing. The Prince in that story, says you have taught me how to live. Laozi in the TTC is definiing great discriminative powers. He says that most humans dont have it, they are like straw dogs ... meaningless little things that are burnt up. But then there are those who feel the Tao, they are special, almost like a higher species of human being that can discriminate. As for the abortion debate, it's always the same ideas ... nothing new ever !!! I rarely see anyone talking about anything else. For instance the murder of human beings in the womb, or how to organise society so that life is valued, or whether doing whatever you like makes a good society, or whether having many partners and children with different people ... is any good, or whether divorce increases childhood pain. Such different ideas rarely are spoken ... normally it is the same words "it's good" "it's bad" ... like a machine caught in a loop, a machine with different faces. In India they have the concept of people being drunk on sense pleasures, too drunk to see straight, I think that is what moral relativism is, isn't it ? In my opinion I don't see any connection with merging with the source and moral relativism or not having discriminative abilities. What's the connection? I don't see one. I see a connection of being inexperienced and being unable to judge anything. Why doesn't mankind know of the Source ? Well, it's because in general people cannot sense the Source, they cannot discriminate it. For many they can't even eat healthily, so I guess they should start with the basics and when they are ready move higher.
  13. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 10

    If by this you mean that actions cannot be judged, then I do not agree; perhaps we covered this before and have a difference of view on the subject. But it takes experience and skill to learn to judge things, to be a good school teacher takes skill and experience, and parents learn with several children how to be good parents, and this has tremendous value. Of course it is easier to never make effort, but isn't that a waste of one's potential whilst we are here? Someone might say "I just killed and I think it's okay". But looking deeper we see psychological damage, and we can understand the cause. There is a story about Buddha meeting a killer called Aṅgulimāla and transforming him so that he was not a killer.
  14. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 10

    The best is treating people as they need to be treated, if there is a bad one then he is admonished, if there is a good one then he is promoted; that is treating people equally with no attachment. That is real motherhood. Those enlightened beings who are like this become unrecognizable from anyone else, which is a Taoist idea. In my opinion, spiritual groups often attract those who are too cowardly to get their hands dirty and takes responsibility, and who instead use spiritual statements to justify not doing anything useful, which I don't like. My view of the path is to achieve the best at all levels. It is great to reach the source, but it doesn't mean you cannot dance or have sex. It does not mean you have to live in the mountains repressing all aspects of human life. It doesn't mean you have to be special or be a teacher. There are a great many things that are available at all levels where you can give your best to, learn to play the flute, it takes years and great skill and discrimnation, involving cultivating whole new faculties. For me this is life well lived at all levels.
  15. rideforever

    TTC Chapter 10

    The words are nice to hear, but if it's okay I may disagree somewhat. "Can you?", the answer is no I cannot. So what happens now ? The text doesn't show a route to becoming ... like this. A mother is certainly not open "to all things", my mother took a tub of black shoepolish out of my mouth that I liked to eat and was furious with me when I cut the arms of her fur coat off. She is not open "to all things" ... not at all ... she knows what is good and she acts. Holding is only one part of motherhood. A person who really can bear but not posses, really lead and not just like a politician, and then also not to dominate ... this is a rare person, very rare. How does one become like that ? Well I think the answer by getting your hands dirty, and for a very long time, and in many environments, whilst always trying to learn. A great deal of experience is required to be able to manifest such things on a human level, to fit the light into this form and this low world, and this coarse matter ... that is like trying to squeeze and elephant through a clarinet. Takes some doing !!! It is as easy to surrender as it is to be suckled from the breast, but at some point one has to become fully grown and participate.
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