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  1. What was the source of your instruction ?
  2. Rare are the students. There are today and have been real spiritual teachers on the earth but they attracted few students often sitting in largely empty halls or rooms. Bodhidharma had one student, and that was considered quite normal lines of succession of one student and one teacher. Perhaps we are deceived by the modern flocks of thousands going to satsangs. In the sands of a vast desert lie a few precious pearls.
  3. Well ... if there are aliens it seems they are not Conscious, and we probably wouldn't want to know them. Probably have their own rat race and botox celebrities with 8 arms; mental health issues etc... Mankind, if it doesn't blow itself up, will be like that one day. Trekking around the universe to teach people the joys of central banking, debt slavery, and ritalin. Mostly, we seem to be alien to ourselves ... not that anyone seems to notice.
  4. I believe that Tom's actual idea, correct me if I am wrong, was to share his energy with people in some kind of group session.
  5. One idea I had about this is that you just give people what they want. If they want to actually discuss something then they go to one place. If they want to vent then they go to another section which acts as a heatsink. If they want a space free of certain types of content or attitudes then they go there. Then everyone gets to choose and gets what they want. But ... maybe that's all unrealistic. Anyway, good name.
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