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  1. How does bliss become intoxicating, isn't that the "place" we (should) put our work on? or is bliss not about not caring to whatever happens outside?
  2. I think the word "secret" might refer or be replaced by "key"? I mean its like when i'm teaching math to my kid, i said: "So, the secret is to pay attention to number 9, 0 is the next number, but add 1 in front of whatever number before it". In my context, key and secret means the same. Another thing i perceive is like when i ask my kid to bring me something from desk or floor, i (think or am sure) point to the thing i was describing (like paper, scissor, or anything), he'd be seems to look/search really hard and still can't find it (even if it was by his feet, he is 3). Wouldn't that make it hidden from him even if it is right in front of his face? Can we say that the teaching works like that, but us (me in particular) being the kid in my example? so many "secret" pointed at right direction yet i still miss it? I also always got confused by "immortal", to me it doesn't seem to be the end (goal), but more like a choice to have attachment to physical realm, and not dissolving totally (be one with the one). No offense meant in this sentence, its pure "ignorance" and i'm still in the "don't know" region (which is why i'm here anyway) thank you
  3. I was born in christian tradition (my parent sent me to christian school, church, etc even though they do confucianism-budhism), in that context i found that speaking in parables makes it easier to chew than speaking in plain truth, which more often cause misunderstanding (although misinterpretation and misunderstanding might have same root). So, basically every human wants to share (be it good, bad, or evil) what he/she is identified with, and protect/guard it against anything that doesnt agree with it. So, here's my parable: to avoid misinterpretation, my point is: Its easy to get what we need from others by transaction. if we want to produce it ourself and avoid transaction, there's a process to it which involves the unknown. If we go into the unknown having expectation about what should happen, the result, we are bound to go into wrong direction. experience it and see if its right or not. If it doesnt feel right, just go and seek for more instead of wasting time getting angry to people that shared what they have. Be just, one day we may have our "stuff" (yes, i say stuff, which literally means something unknown, just like the number 0, it can be replaced with anything) I'm writing this because i see personal attack done in public space (this forum, topic, subtopic belong to anyone who is interested). Its not productive at all, and disturbs others for what? Personal glory feeling? If you don't like what you read: Close the page, forget you ever read it, maybe in time it might worth something If you don't like what others share or do, why respond in such negative way, forcing your oppinion or belief Back to the title: I'm here because i'm seeking for answer, so far i've got no answer yet, but at least i understand that some "stuff" (or "thing") is happening to me in a good way, and i call that progress. I too am labeled as being level 4, but what does it matter? Doesn't knowing where we start is good enough? Why get offended, we are what we are, others are what they are. Everything is good, everyone is good. Most times bad or evil is misplaced goodness, everyone has their own need, but sharing is the basic driving force for this. If no one share, where will we be now? Even animals can share and sometimes form social hirearchy. Please think back about what you are here for, put ear in its place, eyes in its place, and don't identify stuff... let stuff be stuff because its a way of saying something unknown, if its known, there wouldn't be any problem letting it go right? Energy or no energy, shared or kept secret, its personal option, some want to accumulate, some want to let it flow, but whatever i want, how does it bother anyone if i'm the one doing it. You may be bothered if i'm running wild anywhere and smashing trash bins in your neighborhood, but whatever i'm doing inside (my thoughts, my energy work, my belief, etc) how did it bother anyone at all? Sharing is good, but forcing an oppinion is good intent misplaced. So, what are you here for? Thank you for sharing your time reading this. If this post offend you, or provoke you to attack me, go ahead... i always have the option to ignore it (but be warned, it will be you wasting your energy, forum space, internet bandwidth, time, and so on by doing so). I love you all (yes, any attacker included) Edit: Forgot to say that being christian here means listening to sermons, which doesn't change my life at all, upon returning home i'm back to my worldly self. And more often its like listening children bedtime stories, which usually ends with: so the moral of the story is.... not of much use to me. Being here works good for me, or at least everyone around me see/get the better me. I used to be an ass, jerk, arrogant, looking down on others, gathering knowledge just to prove others are wrong which i use to fuel my big fat ego and feel the joy of being better than anyone. Anyone also welcome to interpret this as lashing out, i think that's what i'm doing here
  4. Intelect is logic, discernment, the judge, conclusion maker, the processor of senses. I think thats the reason why intelect may be the stumbling block in spiritual seeking. Once a conclusion is drawn, its finished. Once something is identified, its not what we seek. Logic and discernment (if thats even a word) wont work with only one input, therefore it creates duality. All those speaks of one thing, which is intelect. Accumulating knowledge is good, but being attached to it (accumulating knowledge) also is a stumbling block. Whatever we (can) accumulate will be discarded when our life is done. Knowledge, if not within our own experience also might hinder progress (creates imagination, and possibly early conclusion). Im also a seeker of knowledge (maybe was, maybe still am), so im not supposed to say this. But im getting the suspicion that its not knowledge that im after, but the clearing of ignorance. I think jiddu krishnamurti is one example of using intelect as a path
  5. omg, dot... you're so hot ( or gorgeous no pun intended) back to topic: Really epends on what aliens are defined. if its as the word means: quoting from Definition of alien (Entry 1 of 3) 1a : belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing : strange an alien environment b : relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government : foreign alien residents c : exotic sense 1 alien plants d : coming from another world : extraterrestrial alien beings an alien spaceship When it comes to knowing what alien life forms might be like, we don't have any idea.— Kate Shuster 2 : differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility new specieses are found every now and then, so in this sense: yes, aliens do exist if we are talking of a "non-earth" origin life kind of alien, and they have lived long enough on earth, wouldn't they already become naturalized therefore no longer alien? which will deny alien existence while proving life happens outside earth but in more general term, i'd say yes i'm open to see lifeform not from earth, if there was a big bang from small thing that then made this universe (or multiverse), life would definitely exist everywhere and we are one of the aliens in exsistence.
  6. So, last night i tried kechari mudra (the one where -i think- one "swallows" the tongue) and suddenly i'm feeling energy flows in my torso area quite stronger than i usually feel in my back. I've tried doing hand mudras before, but i don't feel much difference between hand mudras (or maybe no difference at all). Anyone can elaborate on how it works, and maybe how physical gesture (or asanas) affect energy flow, and maybe how physical relates to non-physical? Thank you
  7. Lol, jeff made my account at LU, and me being trustfull to my browser to remember the password, of course dont bother to remember at all (i think it was $1usedcarparts, but it just didnt work), thanks to reset password button, now i let my browser remember my new password. Neat :grin:
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