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  1. I'm flattered to have been invited here. Some of you know me, some probably don't so here goes something about me... As of this writing I'm 60 years old, with the mentality of a 20something. I'm Italian-American, having been raised Roman Catholic. I left Catholicism at about age 23 for the Eastern Orthodox Church, which in my opinion has a more mystical quality than the RCC. The mystical aspect is right up my alley. From my early teen years I had a fascination with, and was drawn to India and Hinduism. Even as a Christian I believed the Hindu gods (and gods of other pantheons) to be real beings and manifestations of one God. I drifted away even from the EOC and coasted as a [url=]'polydeist'[/url], then drifting towards polytheism and finally embracing Hinduism. I did dabble a bit in Heathenry, i.e. Norse Paganism, for a bit. I see a close connection between Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. So there it is. P.S. the name Jainarayan is just a pseudonym I took. It's Hindi and means "hail/victory to God" (Narayans is Vishnu).
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