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  1. Sufism has always resonated. The last show I performed in before I retired as a stage actor, was an adaptation of the poetry of Rumi performed Off Broadway at LaMama House back in the 90's. The cast were trained and whirled in the Dervish style throughout the show, if we weren't involved in a scene, we were whirling along in a lazy chain around the action on stage. Whirling became my great love for moving meditation for some years. This poem came to me about my wife during that time. The picture is of a fire pixie playing his lyre who came through our campfire one
  2. Hello Beautiful Lights! I'd like to introduce myself and say thanks for creating and sustaining this space for connection. A bit about myself: For so much of my life, I sought. I struggled and strove, seeking to find the truth, to create the conditions where everthing would 'click' and I would finally 'get it and my life could start for real'. I would find the right combination of qi gong, or martial arts, the right diet, the right phrase in a book, or the right place out hiking in nature that would open me up and set everything right... that would crack the illusions an
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