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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself and steal 1 minute of your precious time. First of all I would like to apologize for my bad english. I'm 45 years old and I'm from Rome. I'm very into spirituality since I was 18,but im new in living unbound ( wonderful site!!) so I have decided to make this post because I have completely fallen in love with the Kashmir Shaivism. I would kindly want to ask you about some very important matters. I certainly hope you can help me: 1. In your experience, do you think that I could follow Kashmir Shaivism path 100% without any guru/master/group close to where I live? Unfortunately I have nobody close to me in my area so I think the only way for me would be to follow it through texts and techniques. Do you think it would be possible? 2. I don't know where to find the spiritual discipline techniques of Kashmir Shaivism. I know it uses yoga,asanas, pranayama but also mantra, yantra bahajans, pujas .... but, which are these techniques exactly? Do you know them? For instance, when someone follows kriya yoga path, he knows the exact techniques to do in a very precise way. But, which are the techniques to follow in Kashmir Shaivism beyond the metaphysic vision of the world? I can read the shiva sutras, the vijnana bhairavana tantra, all the the trika and kaula stuff for example, all of them fondamentals but, which are the spiritual techniques to practice daily? I cannot find them. Do you know them? This is the main problem I'm finding: the techniques, not the vision of the world. they are secret???? 3. I have tried to email dr. Dyczkowsky but he is not responding me. I have read writings of Daniel Order and Lakshman Joo academy, but they give you almost nothing online. I have also read Jean Klein, Eric Baret, André Padoux, Lilian Silburn, and they only give a theological and philosophical vision (I'm not an intellectual, just to make it clear, I'm just a humble spiritual seeker,interested on the mystic side). I hope with all of my heart that you can help me. Warm regards and thanks in advance btw: thanks a lot to Doug for his kind private answer
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