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  1. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 3

    I actually understand Ryans point of view. Knowing what you desire and going after them is important for our well being. But i disagree that fulfilling desires are what take us further on the path.
  2. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 2

    Wow. TTC is awesome.
  3. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 3

    As opposed to Ryan, I see this paragraph talks about desire vs not to desire. It seems to be saying that if we desire something, we should be keeping away from it, but to me it's that when you do progress, your desires kinda fade away. A desire is an important part of the progress, for desiring is where we find our talents. This to me is about humbleness. Being humble before what you do know and can do. There is something else but can't really put my finger on it. As it is with the heart-thing too. Talks about treasures both in and outside. If you don't possess, you won't be sad when it's gone, therefore prevents stealing because if you don't own anything nothing can be stolen. Doesn't mean that you shouldn't have anything, I'm talking about the feeling of possession. All these things seem to be related. As I stated above, even though you don't have the feeling of possession (or have an empty heart) doesn't mean you are not powerful, doesn't mean you lack something. Doesn't mean you don't own anything. Spiritual emptiness is the key here. Just keep thinking about Jesus and crucifixion so I don't really understand this statement. Might be that even though people interfere in a wordly level, you just don't care. Been doing this a lot lately.... But yeah got to do the dishes at some point. Nah. Maybe it's about the gift of being instead of doing. Again, doesn't mean you are not actually doing anything.
  4. Hi! Are you interested in meeting us all? Well good, so am I. The question are, where and when and who and what? Where: In the US because most of us are from there. Shady had a good suggestion that if someone has a place big enough, that would be good. Another possible idea is to rent a place for the weekend. When: For me, the earliest is on August. If we can't agree on details before August, next would be around new year. If not then, maybe in the summer 2019. A weekend was what i had in mind. What do you guys think? What: Well, energy work, talking, hugging, laughing, sharing. Who: People who have shown interest atm Tuesday, Karen and Tom, Trish, Jonny, FL, shady, dwai So. Let's discuss.
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