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  1. Six months later i have something to share Matthew 7:7-11 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.
  2. I agree, FaXin about what you are saying. Maybe also known as residing? It is important. But for someone who has struggled consciously about wanting to let go... Not wanting to do it, fighting against it in almost literal sense. Accepting that letting go is the only way through and fighting it leads to getting caught up and suffering. For me it is important to have the conscious thought that letting go is the path. Also, i've had several occasions where i have thought "ok. I¨'ll just let go of this" and it is gone. Residing is important, but I am not too goo
  3. I agree about going through them, it is not about abandoning somethin, or prettending our desires dont exist, but accepting the idea that they areattachments and something that you can let go of. Wanting to let go of someting is also a desire, and that is what i was talking about "overruning", if you ignore everything else and only try to let go, you probably wont. But i think the conscious choice of deciding to let go is important.I also think that this decision happens very naturally, if you try to force yourself to let go, you will not get far. Thank you for your rep
  4. I got to examine this a bit more, so here's an update. While letting go of something is improtant o make a priority, one should not let it overrun the thing you are trying to let go of. It is important to let it have space and let it hapen anturally.
  5. My experience, not based in science. Letting go of you deepest dreams to me is a lot like letting go of your deepest attachments. They run deep, to the very core of you and cause a lot of pain and doubt and joy and excitement. I struggled years with one big one. So much so, that I actually contemplated (for years) if i want that attachment or to let go. One day i noticed something had changed, I was able to make the conscious decision of letting go of this thing... To me one of the things that it entails is that i might never have it, i have decided to let go of it. And
  6. I love the saying "God works in mysterious ways." I don't know it's origins but i've heard it a hundred times in my life. Before realized it is impossible for beings to say what is "good" (or takes us to realization and helps others to their realization) and what is the ego or our selfish motives. You hear people proclaim this and that to be the way to go and with further investigation see them pointing at the ego. (Take positive psychology for instance.) And then you hear people ask where God is when you see children crying their hunger. God works in mysterious ways, the ulitm
  7. While agreeing with faxin, i would add to confront the situation at hand. Are they beint jerks? Do you deserve that Kind of treatment? Will they change their behaviour if confronted or will it get worse? Thats your male side speaking then.
  8. Hi Jazz and welcome Yes, those blissful moments are great. Remember a couple from my own life. Even greater is when bliss integrates into your everyday life. We do energy practices here called dives. There are people here who can explain it better than me, but if you are interested in hearing more or even trying them, come to the chatroom. There is usually someone there, lots of people from all around the world (though most from the US.)
  9. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 18

    Think of choosing ice cream not for the flavor but for experiencing the energy of the whole process of having ice cream, without thinking one flavor as good or bad but just seeing it and everything surrounding the process as it is.
  10. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 10

    What do you mean by discriminating?
  11. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 10

    What do you mean with "great depth"? To me it sounds like the ultimate spiritual meaning, but you seem to mean something else based on your interpretation of this whole thing.... And what do you mean by profound discrimination?
  12. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 10

    My point wasn't that abortion is good or bad or whether we should be debating about something more meaningful. It was just that: morale is subjective. Something someone else views as wrong might be viewed by someone else as right. I didn't intend to debate you about our subjective morals. However we structure our society, however moral we are to your standards it is still based on egoistic description of what is good and bad, until human beings are realized. Until we realize that what our ego thinks as good is just that, ego.
  13. Tuesday

    TTC Chapter 10

    I watched a documentary about satanist yesterday. The point the satanist church in America tried to make with their actions was to challenge the main religion (christianity) and it's beliefs. Like saying "abortion is ok" with dressing up as babies and going in front of the christians who were yelling that abortion is bad. The christians were offended, hurt, scared. All of these emotions that we consider bad. But was it a bad thing? In my judgement, no. But some other person might say yes. Tell me, are *you* the only one in the world who has the right knowledge of what is go
  14. The best thing you can do is better yourself. That's how you change the world.
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