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  1. Agreed, the conscious decision to let go is important. We may be aware something causes us suffering, yet a part of us still clings to it. Addictions work in this way. One has to want it to end.
  2. I think simply being aware of the desires or attachments goes a long way to letting them go. Tibetan Buddhists talk about self - liberation… meaning when one is in a state of clarity, desires arise and fall away of their own accord. In Hinduism, Shiva and Kali are the destroyers of attachments. in Christianity, a common practice is to trust in God or Jesus for our issues. Mary Burmeister, the teacher of Jin Shin Jyutsu, said Not to focus on disharmony, but rather Be the Harmony. Letting go of the “fix it” mentality. In all these traditions,
  3. It reminds me a bit of verse 44 from GOT It’s not that the person is not forgiven, it’s more of an metaphor for the nature of energy and how when you hold onto stuff, it will lead one to suffer.
  4. it’s more like the energy is going to flow, whether we want it to or not… the idea of “welcoming it” is more surrendering to the wave or getting knocked around.
  5. Good question! The overall tone of the verses I posted seems to be about keeping our center, and not getting caught up in issues. Sodom was destroyed and ceased to exist, yet to bear issues is to suffer ongoing. Perhaps these two verses are a warning as to holding onto bad stuff, not forgiving, and not accepting the “kingdom of God” (truly being present)
  6. Seems to be about energy work and sharing presence…
  7. Would love to hear what people think of these verses.
  8. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 31

    I like your perspective. Well said!
  9. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 31

    So we have no free will? Everything we do is predestined to happen?
  10. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 31

    very nice!!!!!! There is unlimited energy with the Dao path… no need to have worry about having less or more, as it’s always flowing.
  11. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 31

    Here’s the rest of the verse. If you think of hands, usually the right hand is dominant and strong, left is passive/receiving. But maybe as the verse says, “Peace and quiet are dear to his heart”
  12. Thanks Trish! I forgot about the last line Jesus spoke, “Into your hand I commit my spirit”. That says it all.
  13. Great replies!!!! For me, the present moment is always getting deeper. I notice when I think about the past or the future, it's in my own mind. Plus, when you really drop into the moment, it is a profound energetic experience. I think the heart opening thing that Siva brought up is fascinating. While the work is never done, I think it's a profound shift for some people. I know for me that experience was simply seeing that there was only here and now. Its when the real work starts IMO. I heard something cool the other day... When Mary Magdalene approached
  14. I like your perspective that our understanding changes. Yes, it truly feels to be “home” within ourselves once we discover what that really means. Curious what you make of the verse above (particularly line 24.) Any thoughts on the life saved / life lost?
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