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  1. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 16

    I like this line. Makes me think that since the 10,000 things arise from Yin and Yang, and then the One (and Dao), that it’s all from the same source. Get to the source and you will have insight into the 10,000 things. Just like realizing and feeling the energy of all things is the same energy, you have the insight that the minutia of all phenomena is just a play of that One thing. Wonder if it could be the same thing.
  2. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 15

    Great verse! To me this is all about being present in the moment. The more present we are, the more we can "be at one" The rest happens naturally.
  3. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 12

    It seems to me that this verse is talking about being too caught up and attached to worldly things... the five “thieves” or senses. “For having in excess, dulls the senses. Which cause people to search for more stimulation” Sounds very buddhist to me But truth is truth no matter what way you slice it. The funny thing is, I use my senses to reground myself when I’m caught up or stressed. Which leads me back to Yin and Yang. There is both positive and negative in all things. Feeling the senses, observing, but not taken away with the object we are sensing.
  4. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 10

    I enjoyed both of your interpretations. TTC, in my view has no correct or incorrect interpretation. To box it in is the opposite of all the book is about. Merely it has many ways of imparting it’s wisdom... a gift that keeps on giving.
  5. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 10

    This seems to be about letting go of control, accepting and yielding. Surrendering and letting things flow through.
  6. This popped up for me today. I thought I’d share in this thread, I liked it.
  7. FaXin

    Material World

    Thanks for the great post, Tuesday. I share your sentiments that the material, and spiritual world, are not so separate. I also think there are steps in one's journey where it can be difficult or lonely. Where we view others as different from ourselves. It's good to know that this is merely a step on the journey, and not the destination. It feels to me that once a person goes "inside" (spiritual) for long enough and deeply enough, there is a natural returning to the material world, like coming full circle.
  8. Great post Tuesday. Thanks for sharing. It is said that Mary Magdalene is always available to those in need, to those who call on her. She embodies something that our day and age needs - the comfort and care of the divine feminine, and as Tom mentions, is very important for our spiritual evolution as people. The story of Mary is that she went on to live in France, after the death of Jesus, where she went on to become a spiritual teacher, picking up where her husband left off. There is strong connections in France to Mary, including supposed relics, stories and locations associated with her.
  10. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 5

    Well said! “Staying present is the key” agree 100%
  11. Chances are something like a crime committed in some past life, is manifesting in the present moment in one way or another. Or as Padmasambhava puts it, “If you want to know your past life, look at your present condition.” Based on this view, living out your life would be the best way to “pay for it”.
  12. FaXin

    TTC Chapter 5

    Very important to breath! The largest parts of the lungs are only used when belly/deep breathing. Could also be the time when it was written - fires & stoves were more common.
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