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  1. Yes, God/universe is bigger and works in mysterious ways beyond the limited understanding of the local mind. However, I am of the view that worldly agonies are the results of the mind, and can ease away eventually in time for those on the path of Buddhas/Bodhisatvas. There cold be some physical agonies as long as there is birth and a physical body. I was making the point that one does not just wait despondently for a Buddha or God to remove all their problems. Like the saying, ‘God helps those who help themselves’, I believe when we do our part, the universe helps us in its own mysterious wa
  2. S1va


    There is some interest for me in the recent times with Mahayana sutras and Buddhist tantra. Though their framework seems to be unique, they seem to have similarities with some Hindu tantra traditions, like deity yoga etc. Wanted to share this video I found interesting. Some of these tantras talk about male, female polarities, emptiness, deities, formless beings and different stages of the path in some detail. I will share couple of other videos I found interesting later.
  3. It’s not despondently giving up the individual hope and effort and rely on someone to help save. That is not what Buddhas and Bodhisatvas are about. Buddhas, or fully realized beings are out there sharing their wisdom, and help support all beings and the mandala all of the time. The universe exists in its current state because of their support. Bodhisatwas are beings on the path, they follow the path of the realized masters. Their compassion is reflected in their actions as help to other beings.
  4. I have read in some Buddhist texts that Bodhisattvas postpone their realization inorder to help others. This was a bit problematic for me to understand at that time. Right now I feel that Bodhisattvas are those that have reached such levels of refinement that if they choose to, they could just revel in a blissful state and not have to come down and undertake actions at worldly levels. But they seem to choose to come down from such high levels of refinement inorder just to help others. Indeed they are noble, and their path is noble because they guide others to the light they discovered.
  5. No one else can find answers to such questions for us. We need to find the answers ourselves. Questions (all questions) come out of a disturbed state of mind that is trying to find some answers, or trying to arrive somewhere. No external answer can convince a mind that is in such state of disturbance. As we expand, our clarity increases, slowly we begin to know more. The answers will reveal themselves, when the mind is calm, and when there is no hurry to find anything or go anywhere.
  6. If the universe were a puzzle or a game, it feels like different traditions or masters have explored and described different aspects. All of them very interesting in their own ways and in the context in which the teachings were shared. The what, or the process that leads to suffering Buddha asked questions like, what causes suffering and found the answers for that. His findings in my views throw some light on the details of the process. He identified accurately that the point at which a feeling turns into craving (Taṇhā) as the root cause of suffering. Now, what is the r
  7. While I agree with most of what you have described, I feel it depends entirely on where a person is. The Dzogchen teaching is wise, but I feel it may not be the right answer to everyone universally. This is why in Kashmir Shaivisim they propose 3 paths depending on where a person is and how much they can absorb. There is also a fourth way in KS that is similar to what you described from Dzogchen that transcends all the others. But, it is not a path advocated for everyone. The first path sambhavopaya in KS involves the shaktipat or anugraha from a divine being, which
  8. Agree with the precision from Iyengar yoga. I leaned some basics in Dallas Iyengar studio about 15 years back. I was impressed. It was very helpful, not just as a yoga practice, but from learning how to stand when idle (foot posture, evenly distributing body weight etc) to various other things to be mindful through the day and night. The basics of asanas/yoga, tai chi should be taught in the primary and high schools. This can help children grow into a healthier lifestyle and avoid so many diseases and ailments.
  9. Wise words. Having done moderation, I can say it will be challenging especially with political topics. Most people that participate only in political discussions are not exactly Buddhas or Gandhis. The minimal or no moderation may sound good at the start, but it will not be practical if the forum becomes popular with regular visitors and guests. There are going to be all types of characters pushing all types of boundaries and making the staff work hard depending on how busy the site is. There can be bitterness at times with members taking different sides and finding fault with the staff n
  10. Insightful. Thanks for sharing. Maintaining inner silence and to be in equipoise through any type of social interaction seems to be way more challenging than achieving or maintaining inner silence during other day to day activities. I guess it is so, because the energetic interaction with others unearths or brings dormant issues to the surface which otherwise may be hidden in isolation.
  11. I invited Pilgrim in an IM yesterday. Not sure if he is still checking the IMs in the other site. It would be nice to have some of these members here.
  12. S1va


    I believe Jesus is talking about immortality. The death also does not indicate permanent perishing. Even if it is not rebirth, Bible talks about heaven/hell and continuation in some form after the body perishes. The complete dissolving of sentient beings is not a generally advised concept in most religions. The arhat in some Buddhist descriptions can be equated to complete dissolving of the individual after attaining Nirvana. By these definitions, unlike a Buddha, the arhat does not stay to help others in a light form. They dissolve into emptiness. It is
  13. Yes, ironic. The ability of the human mind to forget the past events is an asset and without which it will be hard to live mired in the events of the past and caught up in the past emotions. But, it is not wise to forget the lessons we learned from the past.
  14. That is a wonderful response to the situation presented. It is true that we may never know if there was a genuine need. Nevertheless scanning is not the right way to go. But flipping it this way is good from the standpoint of the one giving (or gave).
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