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  1. I like that. The ALL Flower folds and the US Petals unfold. There is no folding without unfolding. But there is no unfolding without something that is/has been folded.
  2. I just heard it in Star Trek - DeepSpace9 S1E7. The captain asks his Trill, (a heart sized symbiod creature that moves from host to host, about 300 years old at this point); friend, - Dax, who commited a crime in his previous life in the of a love affair. "Are you willing to commit suicide for a crime commited in another life?" - I wouldn't. But why? Do you think it is morally appropiate to act upon actions from another life, even their correction requires a 'soft' punishement and not a serious one^ ?
  3. That sustained beam by which faith and merit are one is said to be fundamental. So a sort of, maybe subconsciouss, belief which creates the framework of the world?
  4. Do you know if it has a mental/directly experiential equivalent?
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