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  1. ummmm, i am not sure i understand exactly what you mean, but i'll answer to what i understand you meant. yes and no. depends on how one defines separation. am i separate from my body? i can feel how my body is not me and yet if i break a leg i feel it. i could see it as one of my functions or capabilities. it's not me and yet it is part of who i am. witnessing my thoughts is like looking at my hand. the eye and the hand are separate, and yet they are both mine. separate, but not cut off from each other. working in sync. does the hand decide on it's own to show itself to the eye, does the eye decide on it's own to place it's attention on it? sometimes i witness my thoughts, sometimes i don't. is the decision to step in and out of the witness really mine? where does it come from? how did i produce it? did i? and is not like if i am not in the witness, the witnessing doesn't happen. it's ongoing, for everyone and everything. the fact that i (can) step in and out of it doesn't make it separate, it's just a matter of where my attention goes. it goes all the way to the essence of everything which is the same. the thing is, tho, that the deeper one goes, the less separation is perceived. in the space (or at the depth, or however is easier for you to picture it) where i am you and you are me, there is no you and me, you see? so if i think of you, i don't become a man on the other side of the ocean. i can get a sense of how it is to be you, maybe. the thought of you would tune my attention there and would focus on info received from that 'direction', while tuning out the rest. to truly be you, i'd have to discard (the idea of) me and (the idea of) you. if one isn't caught up in their idea of themselves, they are free to be whatever suits the moment best. you can be your body when getting a massage and you can be the ocean when you sit on the beach and you can completely rest in absolutely nowhere when you have nothing else to do. it's a matter of allowing one's self to be whatever in any given moment. the sense is of effortless flow. not sure this answers anything.
  2. I see anything, anybody and any body as metaphors of the whole. same thing, expressed over and over, unique every time and yet always the same. the physical body, the mental body, the energy body,the emotional body,layers and layers of representations of the whole. from this viewpoint, the answer to is yes. everything is one and the same. something like...seen with bare eyes or at the microscope, a piece of skin is still a piece of skin. even if it looks different and different things within it can be studied and manipulated better at different magnifying rates and with different tools, it's the same piece of skin. the same way, one's different bodies/mind/heart, are the same one thing, expressed/seen at different 'levels' of creation. you can identify a thought or a feeling in a body sensation, no? also you can identify the whole planet's 'waves' in your body or in your heart, can you not? or a tree. or today's weather, can't you see how is completely in sync with you? just watch how a thought of yours brings a cloud over the sun. didn't you hear how when you are silent, everything around you slows down and is at peace? or how someone starts drilling on your street exactly in the morning when you woke up tensed? observe and listen. let the answers freely come to you. hugs
  3. see, that's the issue many times. often times people (and usually those walking the 'spiritual path', even more) have a list like that in mind when they think of roles. so when life offers something like the role of the fool at some point, they don't take it, because that's not for them. or the role of the one grieving, they don't take it, they perceive it as something happening to them (might even blame themselves or the practice for not being beyond grief yet). and the list can go on, for all the roles that are being refused/fought-all-the-way-through and that hinders the flow. no idea why i am saying this when all i wanted to say was yes. it's not meant to be an argument, it just wanted to be said. to expand on the definition of roles, i guess.
  4. I can only interpret that through the lenses of my own experience. The way I live these days is some sort of going where life calls/doing what life asks. I guess that can be seen as 'taking the roles required by the game'. It feels like it, at least. Sort of like when one doesn't hold on to their idea of themselves much, they are free/available to be whatever life needs them to be at any given time, take on any required role. life can call one to be/do this or that, and by complying, one takes the role life gave them at that point.
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