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  1. Here's a talk from Tau Malachi that takes it a step further:
  2. Totally agree with what you're saying there - it's a daily practice of going within and surrendering, come what may. Our outward life might or might not change as a result, but letting go of any attachment to it being a certain way is key.
  3. In some ways it seems like the willingness to embark upon this journey shows a deep knowing and trust in one's own self and ability to make the journey - with or without god's mercy. Maybe the self is ultimately surrendered or maybe our understanding changes as to what it really is. Really, it feels like losing my mind more than anything...
  4. To me staying present using mindfulness techniques is a life-long practice, basic but powerful and effective. It ranges from occasionally just focusing on one deep breath and acknowledging the things immediately around me and then getting back to whatever to just heading into the woods for a total reset and head clearing. Whether or not it's all it's cracked up to be is I guess a matter of personal experience. The benefits as I experience them are more ease and flow, and an increasing ability to do a reset in a given moment. Just to drink in the present moment objectively and in it
  5. Thanks - I really liked the brahmacharya response as well, how it seems to say that every path is the path and that it's more about being present in every moment.
  6. Thanks for posting, S1va - wondering what stood out for you in he Q&A?
  7. Trish


    There's something very intense about hearing a sutra chanting in English. This is a very meaty talk, thanks for posting!
  8. Does it ever happen that a tradition remains unchanged when adopted by another culture?
  9. Trish

    TTC Chapter 11

    What are the 15 layers of consciousness?
  10. I get really hung up on the whole "healing' and 'helping' thing. There's a baseline assumption with that in believing that there's something wrong with 'you' or what you're doing that 'I' can fix, that ultimately seems like a dis-service more than a service. I'm all about working with whoever shows up and whoever is already here, it just seems like as much my benefit as theirs, and that it's not for me to say that where they are and what they're doing is not perfect for them in any given moment...
  11. Hi Lori - I'm not sure how a sincere dialogue is possible when you think we're all brainwashed by a guru. I would love a discussion about polarity practice (or any practice), but when the starting point is that I'm blind and a fool there doesn't seem like anywhere productive to go from there. Also, there's a difference between having a dialogue about a practice and launching a series of personal attacks on the people who do the practices. Maybe that's where the sorting needs to start. Trish
  12. Two of my favorite percussionists on the planet...
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