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  1. "look at cats, they don't care if you wear socks or not" -abdul
  2. i seem to have a different problem with my throat chakra, i've broken my habit of telling lying, and i try my best to tell the truth, regardless of how the person im telling the truth to feels about my truth. i had a dear friend of mine help me realize that i tell lies. one of the problems i still have is i pretend to listen to someone when they are telling me something, i don't really understand cuz its so complicated but i just say mmhm, i dont know how to tell them i dont understand, the main problem i have with my throat chakra is i can't seem to express my self, im very unt
  3. Sounds amazing can't wait till i can experience such things too. Again much thanks for your feedbabk
  4. Is it there like it is in any post? Or is it noticable that i put effort into it? Thanks for your feedback
  5. As I type this I am charging this post with energy. I would like anyones feedback as to whether they are feeling the energy that I am charging this post with. mtl
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